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Zoom by the ordinary mention of it seems like we are either making the sound of a car or we are talking about the meaning of the word as in, to view a thing in a closer range.

However, both meaning is not what we mean here. Zoom here is an American communication technology company by the name zoom video communications, Inc. Thus the first-hand service of what zoom is all about is the concern of this article.

About zoom

Zoom is video telephony and online chatting platform through a cloud-based peer to peer software. It services are that it is used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education and other social relations etc.

Basically, the zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform like skype but with more features than skype. Zoom enables users to host and record a meeting, send instant messages and participate in group chats as well as communicate as if they are sitting in the same room. In addition, zoom can be used for audio conferencing, webinars, recording meetings and live chat.

The zoom app is effective and as well compatible with windows, Mac operating systems, androids and iOS devices.

It is mainly used for video conferences. It is free for a video conference of up to 100 participants and with a time limit of 40 minutes. For a longer use and larger conferences with more of other features, the user will have to pay for subscription costing about $15 – 20 per month.

For a business conference, there is a feature available for its purpose called zoom rooms and that cost $50 – 100 per month.

Zoom and skype

As much as zoom is similar to skype such as holding video meetings and recording them for future review, they also have some differences in some of their features.

One is that zoom can accommodate a larger scale of an audience than skype, zoom can accommodate over 100 video participants, skype can only accommodate up to 50 in a single video conference.

There are some other features that set the differences in both apps (zoom and skype). Such as the pricing, the privacy features etc.

Some of zoom features

The two most important zoom features worthy to note before others are zoom meeting and zoom room

Zoom meeting

This is like the basic foundation of what zoom is all about. This is the video conference meetings, that allows for frictionless remote communication. Such that, a meeting hosted using zoom platform and conducted through it,  For an attendee, you don’t necessarily need a zoom account to attend a zoom meeting. You can join the meeting via a webcam or video conferencing camera or phone through a link sent for your attendance.

Zoom room

Zoom room is a hardware setup for meetings in a company’s conference room which allow users to schedule, laounch and run meeting via zoom. To set up a zoom meeting requires additional cost fo subscription to the zoom subscription.

How to use zoom

Consider and choose the right plan for subscription, such as zoom free, zoom pro, zoom business and zoom enterprise. Choose the one that best suits your team and serve your purpose.

Then download zoom app and sign up up to zoom on your computer.

You can synchronize zoom to your calendar so as to schedule meetings and all.

Then, you can set up a zoom meeting and continue using it.

Downside of zoom

Zoom software products have face some public scrutiny and criticisms. It is said to have poor practices of safeguarding information and security privacy also, another challenge is some kind of computer security vulnerabilities. Such that, march this year (2020), the zoom was scrutinized and an inquiry made to its privacy and security practices by the New York state attorney general.

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Final words

Nonetheless, the zoom has proved itself worthy of use and most users are getting satisfaction from its use. Such that, the year has gained it and increase its popularity as a result of this pandemic that has causes shelter at home and social distances.

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