Zamob – Games | Apps | Mp3 Songs | Free Downloads

Zamob – Games | Apps | Mp3 Songs | Free Downloads
Zamob is one of the biggest mobile device website portal found in South Africa. Mobile users can download plenty of android games, videos, mp3 music and java games for free. You can also download millions of free Games, Apps, Music, Videos and many more which are not mentioned to your android mobile devices via the The is the mobile website platform is what you use to download all your entire mobile electronic files for free, and one thing you must take note about the mobile web portal is that all the electronic files and content are specifically created and built to work or function well on Tablets and Mobile phone devices.

To download media files from these websites, you don’t need to spend more time on the internet search for the URL of Zamob. The URL is or in which you can also be redirected to the web page of waptrick which also is a free mobile portal for all mobile device users and you can use the URL to reach access to the home page of Zamob. Where you get to download all your favorite digital files on either your Android mobile device, IOS, Java mobile device or blackberry device all for free. You can’t have an idea or know the URL of this portal, and still find it hard to download all your mobile media files or digital file to your mobile device.

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How to download music from zamob

For you to be able to download your music from Zamob, the following steps will guide and teach you how to do so. Follow the steps carefully;

  1. Open any web browser on an internet website and connect it to your device browser.
  2. Input the URL on the search bar of your mobile device browser you opened.
  3. Next, the page that will load is the home page, which consists of every category and sections of information you want for on this website platform.
  4. Tap on the music just Games category to access the page.
  5. Immediately the next page shows up, you can then search for the music you wish to download either using the search bar or from the categories of media files.
  6. Tap on the music when you are able to locate the song.
  7. Select on the download icon from the next page that loads to begin the downloading process of the music to your mobile device.

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How to download movies from Zamob

This is just one web portal you will very much enjoy when it comes to downloading of mobile device videos. The website platform consists of lots of Music videos, funny videos, short videos clips, short cartoons, celebrity videos, movie trailer and many more. And also the videos can be downloaded to your mobile devices for free. It is due to the fact that this website platform is originally designed for mobile device users.

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The Videos on website platform comes in different formats which are in HD, Mp4, and 3gp format, you can download any video from the platform for free with no cost. Simply follow the steps below and read carefully to learn how to download your video clips from zamob;

  1. Log in to the home page of the platform using it URL in your mobile device browser.
  2. When you get to the home page select on the video clip you wish to download and proceed to the next step.
  3. The page that pops up consist of all different kind of categories of videos you wish to download on this website platform.
  4. Select on the categories of video that you want to download from. And if you have a specific video you wish to download, you can easily find the video via the Zamob search bar.
  5. Immediately you are able to see the video you want to download, then you tap on it.
  6. Select on the quality you want right below the “Type” (HD Quality).
  7. Tap on download from the next page that shows up to begin the downloading process.
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