Digging deep into the pros and cons of the Yahoo mail arena
While social networking has taken the market by storm, all official and personal work is done via email. An email id is essential for all individual’s, as it helps to get closer and stay connected with others in a far more better way.

yahoo mail

There are so many email id platforms that individuals can choose like Google, Yahoo, or Rediff. When talking of yahoo mail, it is basically a cloud option where everything can be shared and stored safely. Specific folders like junk, outbox, inbox, and others help to keep the mails safe. However, the recently updated version of the email has come out with a lot more other improvisations. And it is easier for users to create an account with yahoo.

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Step by Step Procedure to Create a Yahoo Mail Account

Creating an email id is not a hard task. A few steps to just registering and then sign in. however, here is a complete step by step guide to creating an account with Yahoo:

  • Step 1

One needs to go to the official email site which is www.yahoomail.com and click on register

  • Step 2

Click on the create new email id option

  • Step 3

One needs to fill in details like name, user id, and password.

  • Step 4

After the email has been successfully created, an activation link would open the email account

  • Step 5

One needs to visit the official log in and click on sign in. therefore, the respective email account is created.

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The Pros and Cons of using Yahoo Mail

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Why should a Person create an account with Yahoo?

Yahoo has developed itself over the past years and has turned out to be very effective and shows clarity. However, here are some of the positive aspects that have been incorporated to make Yahoo one of the best email ids to work with:

  • There is an instant messaging network where the email is directly received within seconds. Yahoo Mail review always has this feature at the top.
  • Yahoo has recently worked with its keyboard shortcuts and therefore, it’s easier now to type and use shortcuts in a desktop interface.
  • The total storage capacity of the yahoo email has been one terabyte, which is huge and can store up to thousands of emails.
  • One can gain access to yahoo mail through various devices. It is more or less compatible with all platforms.
  • However, there is also a live chat option, where current texts can be delivered and users can reply to them immediately.
  • There is also a revised spam folder that blocks messages from unknown sources or from those sources that act more like a threat. All unwanted junks can be shifted to the spam folder.

The Cons

  • Although the spam folder is a new plus point to Yahoo, the overall effects of it are not as good as that can slow down the overall functioning of the email account.
  • One cannot save messages according to the needs as it can’t be labelled and so, new folders need to be created to store them.

The Conclusion on choosing Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has worked its wonders over the years and has replenished itself by bringing in new advancements. The new yahoo is surely the best to use keeping in mind the storage capacity and other features of it. Moreover, the folders serve as an effective means to distinguish between emails and the spam folder effectively. This provides security against any unwanted email that may threaten the current Yahoo email account.