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Toxicwap is one of the best portals for movies, games, music, apps and TV series downloads in mp4, 3gp, AVI and HD format. With its fast server, it is a comfortable choice to download the latest movies, apps, music and TV series. And it’s all for free. That’s what makes this website so awesome because everything compatible with a mobile phone can be found on the website. But Toxic Wap is mostly known for movies.

Sometimes making out the time or funds to watch the latest movies at the cinema can be hard and you’re lost as to which website you can easily get such movies. Well, look no further because ToxicWap will meet your needs. Unlike some sites that require you completing some task or registering unnecessarily, Toxic Wap requires none of this; it gives you unlimited access to whatever you want.

To get you better acquainted with this website, we’d be giving the pros and cons of using Toxic Wap.

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There are billions of people surfing the internet with their phones and computer on a daily basis. People are always searching of a place to download stuffs for free and this is exactly what Toxic Wap offers. On Toxic Wap, you can get music, eBooks, movies, Games and apps, TV series, videos and wallpapers. Like I said earlier, no charges whatsoever.

The website also has a strong service which allows fast download speed, Toxic Wap downloads are fast and easy. If you are having connection problems, then the problem is probably from your computer or your network provider.

The user interface is quite simple and user friendly, there are no complicated sections. It is listed out simply and so easy for users to understand when downloading movies or another available contents.

Toxic Wap offers really good quality videos which is amazing. Most of its videos are in 480p or 360p and this is very okay and clear unlike some sites that offer free movie download but at a low quality.

The website is virus free and therefore a safe place to make your downloads. Because it is free of viruses that may invade and harm your mobile phones or computers.


Toxic Wap used to be ad-free but recently since the contents it offers are free; it now makes its money off ads. So there are many ads pop up on each page but it won’t intrude or stop you from getting your downloads from the site.

Toxic Wap also offers a lot of movies, TV shows and series for free and some of its contents are supposed to only be found on paid streaming sites of Netflix. This could be a copyright violation which is illegal and could also be the reason the site is de-indexed from Google search.

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  • First, visit www.toxicwap.com
  • When the homepage appears, click on your preferred video category. The categories are movies, TV shows and Videos. If you click on videos, you can find music videos, car videos, dance videos, funny videos and more.
  • After picking a category, on the next page, pick the alphabet your movie, TV series or video belong to.
  • Search for the title of the video you want among the result.
  • Click the video to go to the next page
  • Click on download to start downloading.
  • You can also use the search bar in the homepage to cut through these processes.

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The step involved in making other downloads on the site is pretty much the same in case you’re interested in music, eBooks, apps, games and wallpapers.

There are so many download sites out there but Toxic Wap’s edge lies in the diversity of files it provides access to and I’m sure I mentioned it was completely free. So use this amazing website and enjoy you downloads for as long as it should last.

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