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Qiwi is a Russian payment service provider, which has its headquarter at Nicosia Cyprus. The industry offers service payment worldwide and it was founded in Moscow Russia in the year 2007. The Qiwi operation service is an electronic online service payment system that offers services in Romania, the United States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates and other countries around the world.

qiwi wallet

Qiwi is also viewed as an e-wallet payment methods that helps customers in securing payments online. This system is so beneficial to an individual or customers as it helps to secure their payments by ensuring them against any form of fraud activities. And once payment is made, an invoice is created in your Qiwi account wallet.

Benefits of Qiwi to Merchants

Below are some benefits of Qiwi to Merchants.

  • There are no chargebacks
  • It is also secure and safe for customers and merchants involved in this online system
  • The reconciliation of transaction to prevent missing funds
  • Also, the PRO supports their merchants in fraud issues or cases
  • Last, the PRP Qiwi offers variable billing circles.

Qiwi Products and Services

Qiwi offers their dealers some full range of hardware and software which helps or enable them in providing payment services which include POS terminals, payment terminals, software products, and payments devices to receive payments including programs. The following includes the products and services that are involved in the qiwi system;

  • Self-service standing terminal
  • POS terminals
  • Qiwi cashiers
  • Qiwi cashier mobile
  • XML protocol
  • PDA Terminal
  • ABG Server

How to Top-Up a Qiwi Wallet from Wallet One

You can top up qiwi wallet from one wallet by using a virtual card. The card details can be found in the bank cards.

  • First of all, you click on send details to get the details forwarded to your mobile phone.
  • Secondly, to transfer funds to qiwi, you need to go to transfers section. Click on transfer to a bank card and input your qiwi cards details. So qiwi wallet and qiwi cards are one, then your funds will get to your qiwi wallet.

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