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If you’re a tech enthusiast like most of the world is in this digital age, then at some point, you must have come across wired while you were surfing the internet for the latest tech news and reports.

Wired.com is an online technology news site. It focuses on emerging technologies and how they have impacted the economy, culture and politics. The Wired.com is owned by Conde Nast. The site was launched in October, 1994. It was formally known as Hot Wired.

Wired has grown to become one of Google’s top ranking technology news website. As at February 2018, Wired became paywalled. So users could only read up to 4 articles without paying per month. The Wired has been making waves in the tech industry from as far back as February 2015. Then, it had over 45 million visits and was given a face-lift in March to accommodate its many visitors.


Wired stands out for its extensive and detailed coverage of technology reports, news and guides. It is famous for its extensive coverage of future technology trends and latest gadgets that you can’t help but keep coming back for more. This technology news site covers all kind of opinions, business, entertainment and technology related news of all kind.

Its articles are engaging and very in-depth, future technology trends are exhaustively discussed. It keeps its readers informed about security devices, science, video series, entertainment and ultimately new gadgets.

It also provides its readers with helpful guides which are connected to the latest gadgets, business, designs and more. The quality of its content is high, its articles are efficiently detailed. The sites keeps you wanting more. Basically, if you want news about cultures, businesses, and politics surrounding technology, then you can’t do much better than wired.com. Because news related to technology, latest gadgets, and security products are packed in it.


Wired.com is also ranked among the top ten news site by Google. It is ranked 1,427 in the world and 448 in the United States where 55.4% of its visitors come from. Wired packs over 10 million followers on twitter. It is estimated to reach about 538,092 unique users every single daily which roughly generates 727,478 daily page views.

This high number of visitors is probably why wired is estimated to be worth over $1,593,180. It belongs to the top 100,000 most popular websites in the world. Top guns like csdn.net, sina.com, yahoo.com, baidu.com and more are all linking in to this tech news site.

Wired’s loading time is rated to be average at 1.773 seconds. According to Alexa, about 52% of sites are slower including sites like TechCrunch.


Wired embraces well-organized categorization. It advertises new articles under different sections giving you a glimpse of what to expect in each article but the advertising is not intrusive. Also, Wired makes use of emotive language in its headings.


For tech diehard fans out there that are eager to get their hands on every tech related news and guides out there, Wired offers you just that even at a low price. Although it requires its users to subscribe if they want to have unlimited access to its extensive news, reports and guides. It is totally worth every dime because it will satisfy your curiosity about the latest gadgets, tech business news, reports and guides about the latest trends in technology.

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