Why did My iPhone Turn Black and White?

Many faces this problem and don’t know what to, especially new iPhone users.

If your iPhone screen suddenly goes from color to black and white it’s just some little misshapen that went wrong in the phone settings that you can fix with few taps away on your iPhone setting.

This article is going to tell you what went wrong and how you can fix the problem. This work not only for iPhone but also if you are an iPad, iPod user, it can work for you too.

What goes wrong on your iPhone setting that turns your screen black and white.

Your iPhone’s screen turns to black and white due to grayscale in the setting of accessibility, it is that the grayscale mode has been twisted and turned on accidentally in the iOS

The grayscale mode is made to assist people with color blindness, so they can see and go through their phone comfortably, so, they can turn on the greyscale mode and have their phone’s interface in black and white. But, if you don’t have color blindness and your phone suddenly turns black and white, it can be very annoying.

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How do you change your phone from black and white back to color?

There are few steps to change your phone from black and white back to color and also there are about two methods

  1. You should follow this to turn off grayscale mode on your phone from setting
  2. Go to your phone settings and tap on the general setting
  3. Then, tap on accessibility
  4. Then switch the grayscale mode to “off ” position

That should change your phone from back and white back to color instantly

A second method: Turn off the zoom filters

  • If after the first step your phone doesn’t change to color, then it could be the zoom filters that caused it to go black and white so you should simply double tap on your screen with three fingers and that should exit out of zoom mode and out of grayscale mode too and your phone goes to normal.
  • But if it doesn’t, that means your phone does not have grayscale as it accessibility shortcut and then you will have to go through your settings in the following steps
  • Go to your phone settings and to the general setting
  • Then, go to accessibility and choose zoom and then zoom filters
  • On the zoom, filters select none and exit the settings. You will see that your screen has come back to color.

Even though this article has been about how to change your phone from black and white back to color, it will also interest you to know one thing that, you can prevent strain eyes from using your phone in the dark.

How do you turn on apple dark mode on your iPhone?

Everything is just a few clicks away through your phone’s settings to set it, so, follow the steps below to do it:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Tap on the display and brightness menu
  • There, tap on dark and your phone will be turned to dark mode

If you enjoy using the dark mode you may want to always use it when in the dark to prevent strain eyes but, you don’t want to be going through the process every time. No worries, there is the automatic or schedule dark mode on and off

  • Go to your phone settings then tap on display and brightness
  • Switch the automatic slider to on/green
  • Tap sunset to sunrise option to automatically have dark mode turned on your iPhone from sunrise to sunset in your local time zone
  • Or you can tap on custom schedule to choose when dark mode turns on an.d off on your phone

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