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Sometimes people want to know who snoops around their data online on the various social media platforms. Of course, it’s actually a good thing to worry about your data online considering the level of cyber-attacks today being on the rise. Attacks are not only launched against corporations but also on individuals such that, individuals data can be stolen to do mischievous things or for financial gains.

This article is a review on how to check who view your profile on the various platforms to determine what are harmless interests and what looks suspicious for a prospective attack.

Who viewed my profile on truecaller?

The truecaller app allows you to view the profile of an unknown number or a number not stored in your contact list. Also, somebody can view your profile through the truecaller by either searching your number or name.

Search by number will reveal your public profile, while if they search you by a name they cannot view such details as the number, and email address unless they request for them through premium.

So, how do you see who search and view your profile? When you receive a notification that someone has viewed your profile, you either click on the notification to see who or go to the truecaller app and click on the “who viewed my profile” option on the navigation area and then you will be able to see the persons profile.

However, depending on the type of privacy setting the person is in, you may have to subscribe to the truecaller premium to be able to view a person that has viewed your profile.

Who viewed my WhatsApp profile?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app all over the world. Because of its unique features that you can make audio and video calls, you can send images, videos and documents through it make it populous. And on it, you can post texts, images and videos on your status that will last only for 24hours before it disappears.

And one exciting thing is that you can view who has viewed your status update. So, what about who viewed your profile, can you see them?

On a sad note, WhatsApp has not included in it features how you can view who has viewed your profile. However, there are some third-party apps that claim to have this exclusive feature where you can see who viewed your WhatsApp profile. such as: ‘who viewed my WhatsApp profile’, whats tracker etc. but you should be careful about the kind of app you download and be able to trust the app’s company before you install and release vital information to it for your purposes.

So, if you are bent on knowing who viewed your WhatsApp profile you can simply download any of the apps, fill in the necessary information and check.

Who viewed my Facebook Profile?

To cut to the chase of the matter; Facebook, just like WhatsApp does not provide the feature to access who has viewed your profile. We all know that Facebook keeps track of lots of things about you, your location, activities, and various histories about your activities online. But Facebook doesn’t provide this information to users? It may be embarrassing to some individual who may even consider falling out of Facebook services if that should be the case. For example, exes, some spies or admirers who may just be snooping around to see your activities online and your current status.

But, there are also third-party apps that claim to allow you see who viewed your profile, however, it’s advisable not to trust those apps as they are not legitimate but are only linked to data harvesting and what they can do is that they may either sell your data to advertising companies or may even come with malware to steal sensitive information like your credit card details etc.

Who viewed my Instagram profile?

Also to this question is a sad note that, officially there is no way nor any feature on Instagram settings that allow you view who has viewed your profile or who is stalking your Instagram page. However, brazen up, there is good news, researchers were able to discover some ways you can see who viewed your Instagram profile and that also is through some third-party app. And just like before, be informed that you should be able to trust the app before installing and providing it with your information.

Some of the apps are follower analyzer for Instagram; follower insight for Instagram; follower tracker; visitors pro apps; social plus app etc.

Who viewed my LinkedIn Profile?

The LinkedIn app provides a professional platform. It has this unique feature of sending you a notification anytime someone viewed your profile so you can click on the notification to view who. However, it only provides a limited list and for a user to view the full lists of who has viewed his profile, he may have to purchase the premium membership to access it.

Who viewed my twitter profile?

There are some browser extensions that claim to tell you who has viewed your profile, but those are not so safe and they can only be of effect if the other person has the browser extension also and it is that, it will keep track of all your browsing activities to detect when you will visit a person’s profile.

So, instead of that, you can see who view your twitter profile by logging in to twitter analytics page with your Twitter account. You can go into it directly by clicking analytics.twitter.com.

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