WhatsApp Web – How to Use WhatsApp on PC

Whatsapp Web
WhatsApp is being widely used by everyone in the world due to its features of unlimited messaging and chatting. Generally, when you message through the network which you have on your phone, they charge you with some amount for each message. But in WhatsApp, it needs only the data or the internet connection and you can send as many messages as you want. This is a freeware messaging service and cross-platform messaging also has the facility of voice and video calling.

whatsapp web

This application is available in the google play store for android phones and you can download it for free. Then you have to install the application and register your details like basic phone number and after the verification process, you can start using it. Now not only in phones this also runs in desktops or laptops and this is termed as WhatsApp web.

The WhatsApp on desktops

This application can be used in web browsers such as google chrome and you also can link WhatsApp to facebook. This is very easy to use WhatsApp on your web browser.

All you need to do is go to the link https://web.whatsapp.com and this should be the official website. Then a QR code will come on the screen you are viewing. Now on your phone, you need to access the WhatsApp application. You should have a data connection for both your phone and laptop. If you open your phone you will get the QR scanner to scan the code which is given in the computer or desktop, laptop or tablet. In the android phones, you find this in the chats screen, open the menu and then WhatsApp web. On the iPhone, you need to go to the settings and then you will be able to find the WhatsApp web. On windows phone, you are asked to go to the menu and then WhatsApp web is seen.

Pairing your mobile phone with the application WhatsApp on desktop takes few minutes. Just scan the code of QR on your screen of the computer from your phone. This is all that you need to do to access WhatsApp in the desktop. Enjoy on your pc and start your chats. If you want to log out of the WhatsApp from the desktop then you have to go to the WhatsApp on your phone and then go to the settings or menu and then you have to click on the WhatsApp web. Then click the logout button from all the computers.


If you find that someone or unknown person has scanned your code of QR and accessed your account through the WhatsApp web, then you have to use the instruction that is you have to log out all your sessions of WhatsApp which are active on your mobile phone. In case your code is not able to be scanned that means your camera is not working or functioning properly. Whether it may be broken, or it is blurred and not able to scan the barcode. Using WhatsApp web has also increased as it is easier to type in a desktop or laptop than in the mobile phones.

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