What you Need to Know About Intel Delayed Launcher

Intel delayed launcher is a system recovery application or rather, a start-up of the applications on your device that slows booting when you are just turning on your computer. This is to prevent virus or malware from gaining access to your system and files. It is a recovery application that helps to recover data and reinstate your system back to the operational stage.

Why it slows the booting of your device is that, if a virus attacked your system, in which case the virus is meant to loads during booting, this Intel delayed launcher is going to be of help if you enable it. The Intel delayed launcher goes by the file name “iastoriconlaunch.axe”

How exactly does it work: Intel delayed launcher or iastoriconlaunch.axe?

Intel delayed launcher is a self-executing file with the help of a local run registry. When you just turn on your system and log into your Windows device, the delayed launcher will automatically execute itself. And as such will cause delay of the windows operating system booting for 30 – 40 seconds. As it is booting the Rapid Recovery Technology (RRT) will recover hard disk files before any virus or Trojan can access any of the system’s files.

What is bad?

This executable file (that is, Intel delayed launcher), have a particular problem of slowing the booting of your system. So, you get to spend more seconds anytime you open your system. Wasting like 30 – 40 seconds and takes time to put all the programs and applications in order.

Some people may think its virus or some kind of malware that is slowing their booting…no, It is actually a failsafe now, and you are recommended not to uninstall or disable it. Even though you do not need to keep it, yet, it is completely your choice to do whatever you want with it. But, it is important you know that you always need to prepare against the virus.

Disable delayed launcher from your system

If you are still not satisfied with sparing your 30 – 40 seconds to boot your system, then, below are steps to follow to disable it.

  1. Press at same time the ctrl + shift + ESC together on your system’s keyboard to open the task manager
  2. Click on ‘more details’, the task manager will expand to show more options
  3. Then, click on ‘startup’, among the options find ‘delayed launcher‘ on the list
  4. Click on it and you will find by the right-hand corner a disable button. Click on the box and disable.
  5. Restart your system to save the changes
  6. Then, you will notice your system loads faster now showing that the delayed launcher is now disabled

That step is actually for Windows 8/10. And for window 7, the step is different.

Press the Windows key + R, a dialogue box will open,

Then, type in MSConfig and press enter key

The system configuration will open and you see some tabs at the top section

Click on the startup tab to open some options

Look for Intel delayed launcher from the list and then uncheck the box beside it to disable

Then click Apply to save the changes

And restart your system to confirm the changes.

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Important note

The Intel delayed launcher is a part of Intel rapid storage technology. And this is of the Intel corporation innovation of technology that makes any performance at a higher level in your computer. That is, it leads to a smooth performance of your system’s applications and made for low power consumption by your system drivers. So, Intel delayed launcher is a part of Intel rapid storage technology and its function is to prevent any virus, malware or Trojan from entering your computer during booting.

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