What is steam? Steam Library Sharing

Steam is a video game digital distribution service by valve…it provides users with installation and automatic updating of games and community features such as friends lists and groups cloud saving and game voice communication and chat functionality

What is steam?

Steam is a video game digital distribution platform for both gamers and game developers. Gamers can conveniently login to the steam website to purchase and play games online.  This is like a better alternative to physically buying copies of games and manually downloading it on your computer.

On the steam platform, game developers whether that of huge companies or small ones can partner to have their games added to the platform for the game players to download. Also, they get to update their games automatically and improve it without having to enforce a recall of their games. And they get to enjoy exclusive deals and some other great perks.

Thus, nearly 30,000 games have been created from AAA to indie and things in between.

The steam platform like some gaming platforms also provides a function called steam discussions. This provides users with a peer to peer discussions and chats within forums. You will meet new people, chat in-game and join groups and many more things to do in the app.

Some of its unique features

Steam chat

You get to chat with friends or in groups through text or voice message while still on a game without leaving steam. You can even send tweets, GIFs and videos.

Stream broadcast

Get your games to go live with just a click of a button and share your games with friends and the rest of the gaming community

Steam is available on mobile

You can access steam via iOS or Android devices and from anywhere with steam mobile app

As a member of steam, you get to discover and play new games as they evolve

Steam supports about twenty-eight languages and is still counting

Purchase of the games are made easy and the steam storefront supports 100+ payment methods through over thirty-five currencies

Everything about the games, you get it in one place. Be it discussions, uploading of products, and also being updated about new games uploaded.

Steam library sharing

On steam, you can share your steam library of games with your family and friends. Thus, another implementation on steam is what is called the steam family library sharing which allows you to share the games you purchased with families and friends and guests

How to enable steam family library sharing

First enable steam guard security through steam (this is steam’s two-factor verification security feature), then go to settings and then ‘select ‘family from the options in the setting. From there tick the box near to ‘authorize library sharing on this computer’’ where you will then be able to authorize the specific computers and users you want to share with.

Steam allows you to only share to other devices to the maximum of ten at a time.

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Even though you can share games, however, progresses, achievements and in-game purchases of items cannot be shared. Any activities in a game are saved to the account of the player and not the game owner’s account.

And important to note is that other person you shared with can only play the games when you are not using them. Thus, when you are playing anyone of your shared games at the same time it is been played by the person you shared it with, he will be notified and given some moments to save his progress to his account and get out of the game or rather purchase the game for himself.


Basically, not all games on steam are available for sharing due to some factors such as technical limitations, regional restrictions, subscription requirements and so on.

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