What is G Suite and what it is used for

G Suite is formerly known as Google Apps _ it is a suite or collection of applications software and including a variety of features that can help in promoting your business or productivity. Such tools contained in G Suite some of which you may already know and familiar with are Gmail, google calendar, google drive, google forms, google docs and google sheets, google keep, G Suite Admin Console, Hangouts, Google keeps, Google+ and Google Apps for education.

G Suite is best used by individuals and business owners for their businesses or enterprises. Note, G Suite services are generally free for consumers or personal users but for businesses they have to pay for the enterprise features as in the custom email domain, unlimited cloud storage and 24/7 customer support.

What is contained inside G Suite

G Suite as mentioned above contain certain tools, and important to note is that some of the tools contained in it you may have been familiar with, so we look at the functionality of some of these tools.


This is a G Suite email software created and released in 2004 and now having over a billion users worldwide.

It affords user about 30GB storage space, custom email addresses, 24/7 email support, users have unlimited Google group email addresses and it is compatible with different devices.

Google calendar

This is the G Suite online calendar integrated with Gmail to manage schedules, appointments, tasks and meetings.

It affords varieties of functions for companies’ smart scheduling. Such as calendars for meeting rooms and shared resources, public calendars for customers to view a company’s events etc.

Google drive

This is Google cloud storage that afford an individual and companies storage space in the cloud. Google drive manages all of the contents saved by a company into it. And different file formats can be saved, be it documents, pictures, videos and audios. See Google Drive Save your Files to the Cloud for more info on Google Drive

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

These are word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs. They allow for creating documents, editing, saving changes and tracking revision history.

Google Hangouts

This is a google communication and messaging tool launched in 2006 as Google Talk. It supports text, voice and video conversations. It can be used for communications via desktop and mobile devices.

How to set up a G Suite Account

To create a G Suite account for your business go to the homepage and click on ‘get started’. Enter your organization or company’s name and the number of employees you have ( this can always be changed). Then next is, enter the contact information of whoever will be managing the G Suite account. Make sure it is correct and accessible as a confirmation message will be sent to the email address you provide.

The next step is to provide your business domain name, if you don’t have one, google will help you find and purchase one for you. Then, your business address and contact information. And finally, you will be required to choose a username and password for the account.

Anytime you want to login to your G Suite account you will be required to provide the credentials as in username and password.

G Suite price

To completely set up your account, you will be required to review your account and check out. There you will see a summary of your monthly charges after the trial and any other charges, i.e. the domain name.

The G Suite pricing as of 2019 are:  $6 for basic edition, business edition cost $12 and the for the enterprise features cost $25

G Suite Account management

Once you have completely set up your G Suite account you will be directed to the Admin panel where you will find all settings and then consider how to manage your account from there. What is contained in the sections are

Users; where you can add new users, assign tasks and some other features

Company profile: updating information about your company

Billing: anything relating to your account charges and licenses

Reports: where you track users activity and more

Apps: here you view all of G Suite services and their settings

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Others are Device management, security, support, Data migration Dashboard, buildings and resources, groups, domains and admin roles, where you can assign new admins and give them their roles to the G Suite account.

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