On August 9, 2017, Facebook announced the takeoff of its new service “Facebook Watch”, It is a video-on-demand streaming service that allows content creator upload their videos in either short form or long form which include drama, comedy, news programming.

The video-on-demand service was made available initially for few users, at the end of August 2017 it was rollout to all U.S users. More than 50 million people in the US watch videos on Facebook Watch for at least a minute every month. At the start of 2018, the total time spent watching videos on Facebook Watch became 14X higher and on the 30th of August, 2018 facebook watch was made available globally.

Facebook partnered with some online creator and the following shows were made available at the launch of the Facebook watch; Nas Daily, kitchen little, a weekly broadcast of live Major League Baseball games, Gabby Bernstein. Facebook committed a huge amount of money in the year 2018 to buying cheaper original talk shows, licensing clips from network television, and major sports league. The Facebook Watch service is absolutely free for its users, therefore, Facebook monetizes videos through mid-roll advertising breaks and pre-roll advertising, Facebook watch partners earn 55% of its advertising revenue while Facebook keep 45%.

As of June 2019, Facebook Watch viewer hit 140 million and 720 million viewers per month despite its low awareness.

How Does Facebook Watch Works?

Facebook Watch is built-in directly into Facebook’s main website or mobile app, it does not require a separate app. It has similar features with youtube and Instagram TV, it includes a mixture of content from Facebook Watch users and content produced by Facebook Watch partners.

To use Facebook Watch, you need a Facebook account. Log into your Facebook account from your web browser or mobile app, From your newsfeed locate Watch in the left menu bar, and select Watch. From there you can navigate through the available ways to find videos:

  • You can click Search Videos to find a specific show or video. Type in the name of the shows you’re looking for in the search box, then it will appear on your screen
  • Click on “Shows” icon, you can browse through from the category available such as Facebook Originals, Following, Shows Friends Are Following.
  • If you follow or save any video or show, it will appear on your watchlist, therefore, you can access these shows or videos in Your Watchlist whenever you want. You can also click Latest Videos to watch recent videos or episodes of shows you follow.

  • Furthermore, theres a Facebook Watch TV app that enables you to use Facebook Watch Television service on other various of television platforms that is compatible such as Android TV, Samsung Smart TV(2015 or newer), Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV(4th generation or newer), Oculus TV and Portal TV. In a situation whereby you don’t have a compatible platform to download the app, you can also stream Facebook Watch directly from your mobile device to your TV.
    In order to use Facebook Watch TV App, go to the app store for your television platform and download the Facebook Watch TV app.
    Open the Facebook Watch app on your TV, and click Continue.
    A code will appear on your TV screen. To confirm this code, Facebook will send a notification to your Facebook account. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device, then tap the notification and click Approve, then tap Continue.
    Before your video or show can appear on Facebook Watch, you will have to upload them using a Page with 5,000+ followers or a verified Profile with 50,000 + followers. Create professional-looking videos as often as you can and ensure those videos are informational or entertaining.
    Facebook Watch compensate its content creator, they can monetize their video using audience network or ads. However, there is a common complaint from Facebook Watch Content Creator, the pay is quite less.

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