Are you wondering how and where you can use your amazon gift cards? 

Let’ say you were gifted an amazon gift card during the holiday season; there are numerous product you can buy with it.

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  1. A relaxing essential oil: after a holiday with much stress, you’re going to need to settle down and relax. Essential oil diffusers have calming scents into the air and this is from Innogear. It is the best that one will ever test. The scents can last or run consciously for 11 hours and glow several fun and nice colors for ambiance. It cost a few dollars as it is not so expensive. That means you can throw in some essential oil diffusers with the rest of your gift cards.
  2. A board game which everyone enjoys playing. You can use your amazon gift cards to become the master of your game night. I hereby highly recommend getting the game as it contains so much fun. The premises are simple as one player gives the team a single word clue and a number of cards on the board the clue pertains to so your teammates will be tested.

The code game costs $14.88

  1. A make-up mirror with an excellent lighting. This product can be used in the bathroom. This cost about $30.
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  1. A pressure cooker:  everyone loves a  pressure cooker. This gadget is fantastic for everyone so I recommend you get one using your gift card.
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  1. Bath bombs: a set of bath bombs with nice fragrance. 
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  1. A pair of braided earrings can be worn with your favorite party and outing dress on a new year or other occasions. The earrings are pretty amazing. People might ask how you got them without noticing that they are so inexpensive as it amounts to just $10.
  1. The harry porter coloring book. You can escape and unwind to Hogwarts castle when real life gets a bit too much.
  2. A cotton duvet that can give your bed a goof home décor look and at a fraction of cost.
  3. A charming kit. This comes with 30 books to make with cutting, folding and can glue them together. 
  4. A sleek backpack
  5. A pullover sweater
  6. A led 7X-magnified mirror. This comes with a suction cup mount so that you can see what you’re doing whenever you put on your fancy makeup

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