Web Android Messages – You can now Access your Text Messages from Web Browsers

A new update from Google has it that you can now access text messages from the web. Google deployed the web-based interface for Android Messages app that allows users access messages from any web browser. The web interface for text messages uses the same technique that WhatsApp use.

android messages

According to Google, the project has been around for quite some time but it is only now they made it live. Prior to this, Google has been releasing these services in stages, but right now the service (Web Android Messages) can now be accessed online by all android devices and on any web browsers.

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How will the Web Interface for Android Messages work?

The web interface will allow Android users to view messages as well as send messages to other Android users, through the message app from the computer. In other words, the web messaging will work only through a single messaging app or with a Google account. What this means is that the browser interface will be locked to your account. To use it, you will need an authentication from the app installed on your Android device. The authentication and synchronization method is very much similar to what Whatsapp presently uses.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have the latest messaging client across your devices. To check and try it out visit https://messages.android.com/.

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