Waptrick Music – How to download Mp3 Songs on www.waptrick.com

Waptrick is a website that allows users to download free mobile content. Waptrick is one of the earliest sites that was designed during the advent of Java phones. The site is known for its free music content varying across different genres. Besides the music, users can also download mobile phone games, mobile applications, wallpapers, themes, and many more. There are lots of varieties you can get on this site. But in this article, we will focus just on Waptrick Music.

waptrick music

Waptrick is popular in some continents but not globally. It is widely known across Asia and Africa. In Asia, the website is very popular in Indonesia, as it is the 3rd most visited site in the country. So, what makes this site popular in this region despite the fact that it’s not a professional site? Simple answer, its “Music content”.

The official homepage for waptrick is www.waptrick.com,  although it redirects to www.waptrick.one you will still get to the main page. There are other URLs that lead to the site as well, sites like www.wapdam.com www.wapkid.com and many others.

What are Pros in using Waptrick?

Let me start by saying that there are many songs on this website, and they are all for free. If you are looking for a song to download online and you can’t find what you are looking for, chances are you will find it on waptrick.

The music quality is pretty good. Waptrick offers 2 or more quality options for you to download. So, if you have a little subscription or low data on your phone you can opt for the lower size but mind you the quality won’t be top notch.

What are the Cons in using Waptrick?

Although the site offers great content, waptrick isn’t a professional site. The pages are clustered and not well designed. Occasionally, you may find disturbing pornographic content on the site. So, I will advise that if you are not 18, the site is not suited for you.

I really can’t say that waptrick is a trustworthy site because it has a lot of domain redirect that lands to the homepage. Also, depending on your region visiting the homepage may take you to another website. If this is the case, just search the domain via Google. The top page result should take you to the original website.

Waptrick Music Section

Waptrick music section offers a lot of various genres of music, ranging from classical songs to modern day songs. More, you can get songs of different races across the world. Some songs are available in the native language of a particular region. Waptrick has targeted songs produced in various countries, including African countries and Asian countries. That is probably the reason why many people troop into the sites daily.

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How to download Songs from Waptrick

Waptrick songs are available for free download. Registration or special commitment is not required to download songs on waptrick. To learn how to download songs from the site, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Visit the official homepage of waptrick as www.waptrick.com on your phone browser. Note: it is very important you access it from your phone, as some features may not be available to you accessing it from other devices like your computer.

Step 2

Use the search bar to find a music to download. Alternatively, you can scroll down and click on the “waptrick music mp3” option. This will take you to a page where you will see “new music”, music sorted by most downloaded and global. Click on any option that interests you.

Step 3

After selecting a music that interests you, next is to download it. In the download section, you will see 3 options to download based on quality. There is the “best quality”, the “standard quality” and the “low quality”. Finally, click on the “standard download” option to start downloading the song.

Hint: for fast download on mobile phone, use UC browser.

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