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Waplog – Find Friends and Date Online
The Waplog is an online dating and social media application which works for both men and women of every age who wants a mutual relationship, to make new friends and interact in a new and fun environment. This application is totally free for download on both the mobile device and PC and it is also free to register. Waplog was launched first in 2010 by the co-founder named Volkan Yazicioglu, and also works as a Facebook-style mobile application. Therefore, the developers realized sooner that users were looking for a website which can create more than just platonic connections, and soon developed their product into a “soft dating app”.

The Waplog services are provided to all men and women of any age who are looking for new people, meet new friends, and open to that possibility of a new relationship with someone who shares the same level of interest. Immediately you have downloaded the application, then you simply register which is for free, and it only takes up to 1 – 2 minutes. You can sign up using Facebook if you wish, it will import all your details into the app automatically; or you can make use of your personal e-mail address and fill in vital info, information like a username, password, location and gender.

Waplog connects with your Facebook account profile in order to understand your background. Your Facebook friends list and your interests thereby it can determine mutual friends with other users. It will also import your profile pics from Facebook, but it does not post back to Facebook on your news feed, or appear to your Facebook friends nor on your profile.

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How to chat with your friends on Waplog.

Waplog was created with its own built-in chat features. Immediately you have a suggested match, or you have seen a profile that you like, you can simply select the “chat” icon that shows on your screen and it will direct you to a personal chat window immediately. To check if the person you select to chat with is active online, then a small green button will appear beside their name which will indicate that they are online.

Is Waplog app safe?

Waplog app is an interactive app which helps people to search for new friends and new relationships. While some users use it for good deeds, others do not and that is where the chances of fake profiles come up. The users can, therefore, select who they want to view their profiles and who can also chat with them via their privacy settings. 

How to avoid fake profiles and scam.

All you need to do is to edit your privacy settings. And by doing so you will tap on “Settings” and then click on “Privacy Settings” option which is at the left from the menu.

How to delete your account from Waplog.

   If you wish to delete or remove your account, select account settings on the left side of the menu. Go through to the bottom of the page and when you find a “delete account” option. You can delete and remove your profile and account by selecting this option.

Waplog Special Features.

In order to make Waplog site more fun, a lively and great experience for all its users, they included the Waplog story feature.

Waplog Story feature.

Waplog has a new Story feature which allows users to make or take short video clips and share them by simply uploading them to their profiles. It is similar to Instagram and WhatsApp, the video clip duration is for 15 seconds but it will last on your profiles for 24 hours after you upload it. 

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