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Walmart online Stores | Product, and Services
If you’ve been searching for a good store to get really affordable products then you should check out WalmartWalmart is an American owned retail store, founded by Sam Walton with its headquarters in Arkansas USA. A sister retail store to Walmart is Sams club. We won’t be saying much about this today. We are heading to Walmart.


About the Walmart Stores

Walmart stores come in two form;

The neighborhood store, which sells little home products, not so big a store compared to the second, Walmart Super Centre, which has a variety of products and services. As compared to the neighborhood Walmart store, you will find virtually everything you need at Walmart super Centre.

Walmart in every location has the same layout, setting, and arrangement that you probably will be confused if you change your preferred Walmart store.

The way it’s set up is so easy for those in a hurry to just check in and check out almost immediately. Whoever assisted in putting the interior together did a great job.

Walmart Products

There are numerous products one can get on Walmart. Out of the many, few are listed below.

  • Electronics: ranging from laptops, various categories of phones, cameras, tripod stand to various indoor and outdoor devices you can imagine.
  • Clothing: Walmart has tried in selling affordable clothes like men’s wear, ladies wear, children clothing. Walmart has great stocks for infants and children’s clothing as compared to adults. The good thing is, they are quite affordable, although quality differs for a few of their clothing lines.
  • Footwears: the catch about Walmart footwear is that you really need to put your eyes on ground activate your senses in looking for quality foot wears.
  • Music and videos
  • Home and furniture: Walmart has varieties of furniture you can choose from
  • Jewelry
  • Health and beauty: at this department, you will get various skin products, hair products, vitamins and so many other health materials.
  • Party supplies: personally I love the fact that Walmart has affordable party supplies, its more like a run to at the last minute of preparation because I can be sure to get them in bulk.
  • Auto supplies: anything small and handy that has to do with your car.
  • Groceries: Walmart has really tried in their grocery department as you can be sure you not getting an expired grocery product.
  • Craft supplies

Walmart Services

  • Walmart pharmacy: the pharmacy is always located close to the entry point of every Walmart location. With this service, you can be sure to get yours over the counter medication and prescription medication. The good thing about Walmart pharmacy is that, if you do have one close to you, you can actually tell your health provider to send your prescription to the Walmart store near you. You can refill your medication monthly from the store without going to see your health provider.
  • Walmart vision Centre: also located at the entry point of every Walmart super Centre. You can choose to walk in and get your eyes checked or book an appointment ahead of time. Their service here so far is quite affordable.
  • Walmart pickup: If you are the type that hates to stress yourself walking through all the departments considering how big Walmart stores are, you can choose to sit in the comfort of your home search for your products online, pay for it and just walk in to pick your ordered goods
  • Walmart money card

How Walmart Online works:

All you need to do is follow this really easy steps

  • Go on
  • On the homepage, you will see a search icon, click on it
  • Type in what you want to search for either a laptop or grocery product
  • Varieties come up, make your choice from the list ( you might need to look at the ones you can pick up from the store, as some of their product might require you place an order because they are not available in store at that moment).
  • When you are through shopping, click on check out
  • You will be required to fill in a form and put in your location so that the closest Walmart Centre can be located
  • Pay for the items you’ve ordered
  • A confirmatory email will be sent to your mail
  • Subsequently, once your order is ready for pickup you will be notified.

Walmart rollback

certain products have discounts on them, take for example a laptop of $599 with the rollback service it can become $499 with the shortest frame of time.

Walmart self-service

with this instead of going through a checkpoint where one of their workers assists with payment process in the store you can choose to scan your product by yourself and pay. You will be directed on what to do by the automated machine and they have their workers around to put you through.

Note: you will be required to put in an identity they can use to identify you, either driver’s license, social security, passport. You can also choose someone to pick up your items from the store if you can’t. Just make sure the person’s identity is accurate

Also to order for an item to be delivered to your house is pretty much the same process as the pickup

Best time to shop

Walmart is one of your busy stores around as they work 24/7 except on certain holidays with reduced hours.

Shopping can be done during weekdays (Monday to Thursday) as weekends from Friday to Sunday, you get to meet so many people shopping.

If you can’t deal with so many people shopping at a time, just pick weekdays when everyone is busy at their various working place.

Return policy

Provided you still have your receipt of payment with you and it’s within the stipulated time for a return of goods, you can be sure to be attended to by Walmart representatives

Customer service: In case of any complaints either in the store or online, you can be sure to be attended if report gets to them.

Walmart and Sams club

They are both owned by one family hence you will find almost the same thing in them.

The difference to this is, with Sams club, you can get your products at wholesale price and a few things you can get in Walmart is readily available at Sam’s Club.

To have a great shopping benefit its best to have a Sam’s club card as it comes with a huge discount(you can thank me later on this).

So far Walmart has their stores in virtually all locations in the united state of America also internationally in Canada, Mexico.

In case you reside in any of this areas, do visit the nearest Walmart store to you and I hope you will love them and the various services rendered.

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