Vooks App Review: What it is all about

Vooks app for your children learning

Vooks app is a collection of animated books into a digital library. It is a kid-safe and ad-free streaming of a digital library with a collection of animated storybooks made into read-aloud videos. The app is made for kids to learn with their parents and peers at home and in any convenient place where they have access to the internet. You may consider this as a perfect development especially in this period of pandemic (coronavirus) that has shaken up the world requiring everyone to shelter at home.

Thence, let walkthrough in detail what vooks app is all about and how it works.

Vooks app contained a collection of children’s books which has been turned into animated videos with easy to understand narrations. The contents are entirely targeted at young kids to keep them busy and learning especially during this time of pandemic that has cause shelter at home.

Each story contained in the vooks app are read aloud and also portrayed in animated videos, as such allowing kids to read along as they watch the videos. They can search or browse through the various contents and kids can save their favourites to an online playlist or download them to watch offline. The books contained in vooks are digital versions of the hard copy books you may find on your bookshelf, yet there are some that are specifically made for digital use and you may not find it in bookstores.

The vooks app is free for download however, to sign up and make use of the digital library, it requires a subscription. There is a one-week free trial, a monthly subscription for $4.99 and a yearly subscription for  $49.99.

The developers of vooks app made it for transparency, the parents can keep an eye on their kids and monitor their use of the app, going through the privacy policy will expose you to details of how your information is collected, used and shared by vooks.

Vooks app is compatible with android devices, iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad etc.

Is vooks any good for your kids?

The vooks app with its content will be very helpful for those kids who are not quite interested in reading alone but are eager to listen to the instructions. Also, it provides kids who can’t get enough of reading with a nice quiet time activity. Vooks is ok to use as it doesn’t contain ads or inappropriate content that may be offensive to children or any in-app purchases.

However, the downside of this app is that it cannot replace the experience of reading with an adult who can engage the kids with the content of what they are reading and also, it will bore out kids who are used to interactive devices by it slow pace narration and lack of interactivity. Also, the collection is said to seem small for the subscription fee, but there is an assurance that it’ll quickly change over time by the constant evolving of more collections.

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Benefits of using vooks apps for your kids

It is a safe streaming digital library filled with stories and songs created specifically for kids and are very much appropriate for them

It has contains no ads nor does it require in-app purchases

It helps builds your kids vocabulary and fluency and instil in them the love of reading

It improves kids literacy and impact on their future learning success

You can stream your library wherever you are. Vooks is made available across the globe as such you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. You can also download some of the stories to your device for offline viewing.