Unsubscribe from Email Newsletter | Block Spam Emails Sender

Not every emails newsletter are spams. Some are legit organizations/businesses that you may have subscribed to. Clicking the spam button can seriously hurt the reputation of such organizations. When listed as spam or junk emails, the service provider may automatically blacklist emails from such senders as spam, which will give a negative effect to the organizations. The best thing to do in cases like this is to simply unsubscribe from such newsletter.
unsubscribe email newsletter

Although there are many spam emails all over the Internet these days. For some of these unwanted emails, we subscribe to it unknowingly, others come in from senders that may have scraped our email ID from the internet. In cases where you are sure the emails are spam, you could simply click on the ‘spam button’.

This article describes the various ways to tackle those email newsletter subscriptions and suggest how to unsubscribe to unwanted emails with ease.

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How difficult is it to Unsubscribe from a Newsletter?

Many think it’s too much of a hassle or stress in unsubscribing to unwanted emails, but no it’s just the opposite. Many simply hit the spam button which could harm the senders business. This won’t be fair to a legit business owner, especially if you are the one that subscribed to it. There are other ways to kindly unsubscribe Without hurting the sender’s reputation. So you should only mark it as spam if you know that is what it really is.

So you need to unsubscribe properly. It’s only fair to the newsletter owner. You subscribed voluntarily so you shouldn’t mark the newsletter as spam – unless it actually is spam of course.

How to properly tackle Spammers

If you are being spammed by unwanted emails and you want to opt out of it, then you should consider not unsubscribing from it but clicking the spam button. Because if you were to unsubscribe from spam messages, it merely confirms to the spammer that email address is a valid one and you might continue to get spam from other sources.

Alternatively, you can filter out the spam messages and emails to the trash bin, so you never have to see them again.

However, if you simply want to keep your email account clean by removing some newsletters, here’s is how to do it.

Assign Newsletters To a Particular Gmail Label

To get started, you should separate the newsletters from the primary email. By doing these you can easily interact and delete the necessary newsletters with ease.

By default, Gmail may assign certain types of emails in the categories section, which features primary, promotions, socials etc.

Alternatively, you can create a newsletter label and assign each newsletter sender to it individually. This allows you a better control.

Unsubscribe from Newsletter in Gmail

Based on the US CAN-SPAM Act, every legit organization must offer a safe way to unsubscribe from every newsletter. Like in Gmail and most service provider, you will find the unsubscribe button or link at the top or bottom of the newsletter page.

To Unsubscribe From each newsletter in your Gmail account, look for the unsubscribe button or link in the page. Clicking the link will automatically stop any emails from the newsletter.


Moreover, properly organizing your emails by seperating your newsletters from your primary emails gives your page a clean look. You can easily navigate to the newsletter you want to subscribe from, and also block any junk or unwanted emails.