Twitch Hosting: Host your Streams

What is twitch?

Twitch is an online streaming media site that allows its users to broadcast and stream their video games as well as play games. Important note, streaming of video games was what twitch platform started with however, it has since expanded to include other varieties of streams such as short digital videos, occasional TV series, music and more.

Thus it is also expanding its audience outreach. Twitch now, apart from it primary service of hosting live streams of whatever format as in videos, audio music, talk shows etc. it is more or less closely resemble social networks now. Twitch users can now follow one another, send each other direct message, twitch has provided a unique chatroom where user can connect, share updates and comment on other users’ streams.

And aside from the official site of twitch, there are some official mobile apps where you can also easily make use of twitch.

Hosting on twitch

As I stated above… twitch is a streaming platform as such, hosting is of the ways streamers on twitch broadcast channel live stream to their own audience.

Streams on twitch can be viewed on twitch’s official website and through any one of its official apps available on Google play store for android devices or Apple store for iOS devices. They can also be viewed on any of the twitch affiliates sites. Such as Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4, Amazon’s Fire TV, etc.

How to host a channel on twitch.

This is about how to host another twitch streamer’s channel on your own twitch channel. Hosting another channel like is usually for the purpose of promoting each other but that’s not all, it also helps keep your channel active even when you are offline and not streaming. And this hosting is done through host mode too, it allows user to watch another user’s channel on your channel’s chatroom.

You can host another channel via the official website or through the twitch app.

Type and search on any browser to visit twitch’s official website.

Click Sign Up to create an account. Or if you already have an account click login to sign in to your twitch account.

Then, click on your username at the top right-hand corner of the site. It will display a drop-down menu, click on a channel, that will display the chatroom to the right hand.

Type in /host and a channel name, then you are now hosting the channel. Anyone viewing your channel can now view the channel you are hosting.

And to stop hosting a channel, also type in /unhost with the channel name in the chatroom.

How to host a channel via the mobile app

If you haven’t gotten the app, you can download it on play store for android or on apple store for iPhones

Launch the app and then type in your username and password to log in. Tap on your profile picture by the top right-hand corner to display a menu or options.

Tap on the chat tab to display the channel’s chatroom.

And just like in the site, type in /host and the channel name in the chat to host that channel. And to stop hosting a channel, also type in /unhost with the name of the channel to unhost.

Auto host on twitch

You can also host another streamer’s channel via the auto host. This you do by adding several channels into a list so that your channel will automatically select anyone of them to host when you are offline. With the auto host, your channel either choose the channels randomly or in their order contained in the list.

To enable auto host, simply go to your twitch channel settings and turn on the auto host and then add as many twitch channels as you want.

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Note: you can only host one channel at a time and 3 within an allotted span of 30 minutes.

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