Tubidy App is a free music application that allows streaming of music whether they are online or saved locally in mobile devices.

It can connect to SoundCloud account as well for bee convenient for playback.

Tubidy App is a third-party music player convenient for easy playback of music whether they are offline or online.

Some Features of Tubidy App

  1. It also has capabilities for more than showing up songs list.

2. The users can easily connect on a SoundCloud client if they have a personal playlist.

3. The users can also set up their playlist in the application if they don’t have any yet made.

4. One of its advantages is that the users have free access to their SoundCloud music without subscription limit.

Making it easy to have access to SoundCloud is very ideal for occasions where a playlist is needed on a social gathering and there are no pre-uploaded songs on the media player.

5. It’s Users can enjoy unlimited music whenever they want to with the Tubidy application’s SoundCloud client access.

6. This Tubidy application enables faster music search for everything stored offline or online, as well as access to its own songs library.

Access to songs instantly

Tubidy App can get music from online and offline sources provided there are songs stored either on the local music library or SoundCloud account.

The Users can simply open the application to play music wherever they are.

Getting Songs on the Go

The Tubidy application provides an enjoyable experience when playing or streaming music.

It also has an intuitive user interface with beautiful appearance making it easy and enjoyable.

Although, there are only limited options for adjusting the audio which is somehow crucial for a multimedia player.

Every song on the Tubidy App is listed according to genres for a consistent theme.

It’s Users can easily search the song of their choice by using the parameters like song name, artist name or album name.

There are millions of songs made available to be listened with from the application’s huge library.

The Songs in the playlist are rearrangeable via Shuffle and Repeat mode.

Tubidy application can play music even if it’s running in the background.


  1. Play music from an offline music library
  2. Playlist arrangement and shuffle/repeat feature
  3. Stream music from SoundCloud client
  4. No subscription limit


  1. This App Requires SoundCloud account
  2. It can not download online songs
  3. The App may not play all types of music file formats
  4. There’s no option for audio adjustment

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