Track Android Phones – How to Find your Lost Android Phones

Losing Phone, The Worst Nightmare
Mobile phones are one of the most important gadgets used by people for personal use. It is no longer a device to make and receive calls. They are technically advanced small computers with internet access used to store data, send and receive files. Also, to take pictures, track a person with a phone using GPS technology. The possibilities of this generation of mobile phone use are phenomenal. Since all our important information like our contacts, important documents banking details are on the phone, it can be misused if it gets lost and gets in wrong hands. There are several ways to track lost Android phones.

track android phones

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To address this fear of the mobile phone users, Android phone manufacturers now have developed certain procedures, which can be used to track or find a lost phone. Some of the ways by which a lost Android phone can be recovered are the following:

1. Location of through Find My Device App

The new android phones have inbuilt ‘Find my device’ application which can automatically track the phone’s location. So if the phone ever goes missing, using a laptop or a tablet one can find the last location, ring the phone, or lock and erase the phone of its data if it is stolen.

The app can also be downloaded from Google Play Store. It is very important to set up this application on the phone before it goes missing. The whereabouts of the missing phone can be located by logging into the google account from any other computer, phone or tablets.

2. Tracking through IMEI number

Every phone has a unique 15 digit identity code called IMEI number. It can be located in the ‘settings’, under which there is the option of ‘about phone’ which has the IMEI code of the Android phone. It’s also written on the phone packaging or underneath the removable battery.

When the phone is lost, IMEI tracker or other related apps can be installed from google play on any other device.  By writing in the IMEI number and tapping on the Track tab, a small window with a list of places appear indicating the location and close proximity of the phone. There are some anti-theft functions as well as sending corresponding codes to give out alarms, send SMS about its real-time location and more.

3. Tracking through Location history:

If the device is connected to the google account, the timeline feature of Google maps can be used to identify the last recorded location of the phone. If the phone is stolen, the person can identify often visited places which could be a thief’s home or workplace.

4. Tracking through Google photos:

If the person who has stolen the device, takes pictures then the images will be uploaded to Google Photos account. Which will also upload the location where the pictures were taken, which can be easily tracked. But this works only when the thief has not logged out of the google account.


All these methods of locating a lost Android phone only works when both Find my Device and Location history options on the phones are activated. So it is very important to activate these tools the moment we go for a new device. These two tools are of great help when the phone is lost. It helps to erase all the sensitive data, photographs and location service helps to track down the thief.



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