There is no doubt that Tinder is the world’s hottest app, it is confirmed by Forbes already. Even Time Magazine says that Tinder has become something of a cultural phenomenon. The point is that Tinder has solved online dating for a lot of people. It has become the best way to get a date, hook-up and find love online. We all know the advantages of online dating and one of them is that it takes allows you to meet people you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise and all from the comfort of your phone. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with a lot of potential mates. And if lucky, you just might find ‘The one’.

Tinder Account Sign Up

Tinder in recent years has become the go-to app for finding love and it just might work for you. You just have to sign up. Signing up is easy actually and the first thing you need to know is that the only way Tinder can work is with a Facebook profile. Tinder requires Facebook for most of your Tinder profile information like the names, the age, the picture etc. Everything that’s shown on Tinder comes from Facebook.

This may not be comfortable for some people who might feel embarrassed for his/her facebook friends to find out that they’re trying out online dating. Most would prefer that there was no way their friends on Facebook could find out that they are using a dating app, trust me I understand.

If you feel this isn’t cool at all and you would prefer to keep your Facebook account confidential when talking to random people then my suggestion for you is to create a new (definitely fake) Facebook account just for Tinder. A benefit of this is that when using Tinder without your real facebook account, you can control the information your matches on Tinder can see because you can edit your personal details in Facebook which will then automatically flow to your Tinder profile.

Of course, you have the choice to be completely transparent and use your real facebook account to sign up for Tinder. That way you are being real to whoever views your profile and you’ve got honesty going for you from the beginning which is great of course.

The decision is yours and I’m here to help you out with whatever decision you make. It doesn’t take up time to have your new Tinder profile up and running in at least 5 minutes. The first thing you need to do is create your new facebook account beforehand if you choose to go that way. Log out of your original account and create the new fake account. Make sure the account is confirmed by linking it to your email or phone number, whichever you chose to use with the fake facebook account.

If however, you choose to use your real facebook account for Tinder, then you don’t need to do any of that. It is important that if you don’t already have the application, you will need to download the Tinder application from your play store.


Like I pointed out earlier, Tinder uses your Facebook details so make sure to update your facebook with better photos and include all your interest if you want good matches because Tinder users your location and interests when helping you find potential matches.

Once you sign in with your Facebook, the first thing Tinder will require of you is to verify your account via SMS verification. So input your number to receive the verification code. This is completely safe as Tinder keeps your number private. Tinder will send you a text message with the verification code which you will need to copy or memorize, add to your tinder and then hit ‘submit code’. That’s it! You are now successfully a Tinder user.

Now that you’re in, you need to work on your Tinder profile. There are various settings you need to set up to give you a good experience while using Tinder and this include writing up a short profile statement and choosing which photos you want to use.


The settings are the most important step in really enjoying your tinder app. Head into the settings menu to choose your options. This is the part where you specify your gender and choose your proximity to potential matches and of course, the age range you would prefer. You get to choose which gender you’re interested in and also your notification preference.

Your success in Tinder depends on your pictures. The more attractive your pictures, the more guaranteed you are of getting matches. I would advise you choose pictures that highlight your best features. Use pictures that shows your face clearly, you can also use a full body shot.

Also, another tip is to never leave that part of your bio empty. Because not everyone appreciates the mystery that is you. It doesn’t need to be all-telling, just a bit about yourself, the things you like and of course, your interest.

If you have done this, then you are ready for the Tinder experience my friend. Now you can start swiping your way into love.