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Translating a website into different languages has become a basic business requirement these days. There are absolutely millions of websites which have been translated into several languages. But of course, you have to wonder which website takes the crown in offering different language versions.

You’ve definitely sat down once and wondered which website is probably the most translated website in the world. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the ever-present Google search engine. You are bound to wonder if a site that offers information and is widely read around the world takes the crown. Or probably a huge wealthy company such as Apple would make their website the most translated website.

Many people have actually guessed it must be one of those widely visited web domains. But while these domains all have a good number of translations on their website, they are not the most translated website. Now you must be really curious as to which it really is. The answer, I assure you, is far from theses guesses and this article will tell you which website is the most translated website if you’d just keep reading.

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Translating contents into different language versions can be quite an arduous task. It requires an eagerness to make use of translation as a means to pass an important message. Translating a website into more than 5 language is not easy. So translating contents into different language version requires a massive effort.


  • Apple website has over one hundred and twenty-six (126) language translations.
  • Google’s search page has a translation of one hundred and forty-nine (149) languages.
  • Wikipedia beats them all with a translation page of two hundred and ninety (290) languages. But neither of them is still the most translated website.

It might be shocking to you, almost unbelievable but the most translated website in the world is the Jehovah Witnesses official website (www.jw.org). Jehovah’s Witnesses website even offers different language translation of sign language makes it also accessible by deaf people.

The jw web page offers translation of about 990 languages.

Putting it all into perspective, it is easy to note that Jehovah Witness website far surpasses other website. Especially in its contents translation. It is hard to believe that such a small religion could have the ability to reach out to so many people. But their worldview gives strength to the depth of the effort they put into translation.


There are more than eight million Jehovah Witnesses all around the world. And the website gets more than 750,000 visits daily. Also, over three million videos are downloaded every month from their website.

One of the key focuses of the Jehovah Witness organization is that everyone of its believer be able to read the Jehovah Witness global publication called ‘the Watchtower’. They all wish to make sure that people are able to read the Watchtower’s publication. So they can fully participate in the religion.

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The work that goes into this level of mass proselytizing is mind boggling because it is easy to see that precise attention was paid to every area of the website to avoid errors.

Since its launch, a lot of people from around the world have found the Jehovah’s Witnesses website (www.jw.org) to be quite a priceless resource. Now you have to wonder if the importance the organization places on their publication being readable by the whole world makes the fact that they are the most translated website understandable and reasonable.

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