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The next web also known as TNW was founded by Boris Veldhuizen Van Zanten and Patrick de Laive in 2006. It is an online technology news site that publishes articles about technology and web technology news. It has grown to a big company in the tech industry that it is now a parent company to the next web series which organizes The Next Web (TNW) conference in New York, Amsterdam and Sao.

The company worked so hard at satisfying the needs of tech aficionados. Within ten years, it had over 10 million monthly visitors and over 12 million monthly page views. This made it a formidable competitor for top tech news sites like Verge, TechCrunch and the rest. For many tech enthusiasts, The Next Web (TNW) is a favorite go-to for all the latest tech news and gadgets.


As one of the top leading blogs on the internet, The Next Web (TNW) provides news on technology stuffs on a day to day basis for its users. It focuses on business related topics, culture and technology. It also covers news on the latest and upcoming gadget, TNW is a top site for tech addicts interested in gadgets. It is a real treasure for tech geeks because its articles are meticulously discussed in details.

Latest news on software, designer assets, services, games and gadgets launched in the tech market is comprehensively covered by this tech news site. It also provides information on lifestyle products. The reason this site is such a gem is that it not only covers tech news but publishes guides about gadgets, apps and latest technology products.

With more than ten million page views monthly, The Next Web efficiently covers tech news and also allows visitors to search for news by several categories such as apps, gear, tech, creative, money, insights, launch, and much more. The Next Web also offers users an online marketplace to buy tech stuffs based on collection, category and interest.


The Next Web is ranked among the top ten by Google. According to Alexa, The Next Web is ranked 6,793 globally and 2,938 in the United States. This is probably why 35.6% of its audience are from the United States, followed by India by 10.9%. The Next Web gets over 113, 217 unique users each day which generates roughly 151,959 page views on a daily basis.

With this high number of page views and from advertisement i.e. Google Adsense, the website’s estimated value stands at $332,790 and it is rated among the top 100,000 most popular websites in the world. With big guns like baidu, Microsoft, naver and more linking in, it is easy to see The Next Web is a tremendous success.

The loading time of The Next Web is considered slow at 2.348 seconds and according to Alexa, 64% of sites are faster.


The Next Web is amazing for many reasons including the fact that it some of the most advanced generation gadgets by providing the specs and functioning abilities. It is known to cover basically every part of the tech industry. It also provides guides about gadgets, apps, software and technology products.

It is also one of the tech websites that has been able to avoid controversial rumours and is drama free unlike some tech websites out there. It rarely use loaded words which influences its audience’s emotion or stereotypes and TNW is known to source all its information well enough.

So, if you’re looking for news on web app updates, service features, latest and next generation gadgets, latest tech updates and so much more news related to technology, don’t hesitate to visit The Next Web.

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