The domain name and Web Hosting: all you need to know to have a website rolling

With the technological advancement of the world today, a significant percentage of people around the world is caught up inside the world wide web (www). Hence the world is now referred to as a global village. What is contained inside the web and what makes up the web that gets almost the whole world now is a huge question to answer. Nevertheless, every now and then we are either searching for one thing or the other or we are trying to make our presence online go viral.

Not to make too much noise, we all know what is a website. They are what holds the information presented to us anytime we search for one. How this website comes to be on the web how it is been created and what holds it in the cloud is what we are here to talk about … web hosting and domain name

What does it mean by domain name?

A domain name simply put is a web address people search to find or visit your website. That is the domain name is your website address that people type into their browser to visit your website.

How it comes to be is that ordinarily, it is a string of numbers identifying each of the connected computers on the internet. The numbers are called an IP address. The number is not a problem for every computer to memorize and remember but it is not the same with human. Thus, domain names come into being to make it easy in remembering the address of a site. As such instead of having to remember strings of numbers, you can easily remember a domain name.

An example of a domain name is as in the address of this site now:

What does it mean by web hosting?

Web hosting is a particular place where your website is residing. That is, a place where all the contents contained in your website is kept. When a person wants to access your website, he/she enters the website address and that is the domain name then that will now take him to where all the files you have uploaded on the website is.

In detail, there is usually a company that performs the function of a host helping you keep all the files on your website and that is basically the web hosting. When the domain name is searched, it will be translated into the IP address of the computer of the company hosting your site and then the computer sends those files it’s hosting for you to the user’s browser in order for him/her to access those files.

What you need to build a website

It is just like I have spoken all the English there is to know about what you need to build a website.

To build a website you need both a domain name and to register with a web hosting company and obtain a web hosting account.

As discovered above you will discover that domain name and web hosting are two different things yet, they must be together to build a website. A domain name is what lead people to your website but without a web hosting, you cannot build a website.

When you create and register a domain name it means that you have copyright over that name and can use it for whatever specified period you registered for. However, you will need a web hosting that will hold all your files that will be contained in your website. So in order to completely build a website, you need a web hosting which that domain name will be directed to access your website.


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