The Best YouTube Banner Size 2020

YouTube is a massive piece of the technological and digital world we exist in now; YouTube has become a day go-to for most people. When YouTube was created, its original idea was to provide a place for people to share videos with the world at large. But as the world evolved, so did the purpose of YouTube.

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YouTube has now evolved beyond just a place to share videos; such as embarrassing videos of yourself, makeup tips, scandalous videos or even adorable videos of your family and the likes. It has become a place to advertise your brand and the point of contact people around the world have with your company.


As of 2018, there were over thirty (30) million people using YouTube daily. Which only means that there were over two hundred and ten (210) million users weekly. In essence, YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world. In actual fact, it is right next to facebook as the next site with the most logged in users with the estimate at 1.5 billion.

So judging by these facts, it is important to have an impact on YouTube. And making an impact on YouTube requires having an impactful YouTube banner. This is because your YouTube banner is the first thing people see when they visit your YouTube channel. For that reason, YouTube banner is a reflection of your brand.

These days, people are first drawn by what they see before they develop an interest in you. YouTube banner is the first thing YouTube users see when they visit your YouTube channel. Having an impactful YouTube banner is the right path to building a marketing strategy that’s successful on the platform. What’s more, it’s a way to be eligible to have your very own YouTube custom URL.


The best way to make sure that your image look good and to a certain extent, professional, is to have the best YouTube banner size. This is to pass up having blurred photos or stretched and pixelated photos for your banner. Also, the best YouTube banner size gives your YouTube channel an attractive, proficient, adept, and clean appearance.

The minimum banner size is 2048 by 1152 pixel. When you try to upload an image smaller than this, you’ll get an error message from YouTube telling you that ‘the photo you uploaded is too small; it must be at least 2048 pixel wide and 1142 pixel tall’. The maximum banner size on the other hand is 6mb; this is unlike YouTube dimension which does not have a maximum size.

The best YouTube banner size is 2560 by 1440 pixel and this is recommended by YouTube. It is however imperative that you keep your important text and image within 1546 by 433 pixel. This should be at the centre of the image. This is to ensure that when YouTube crops the banner’s image according to the device where it is displayed, the message you would still like to pass through your banner isn’t cropped off. YouTube however shows you how your banner will be cropped on different devices once you upload your banner.


2560 by 1440 pixel might sound huge but it is all for your good. So that your YouTube channel banner looks sharp and meticulous on the screen of any device. Instead of looking blurry or pixelated or even washed out when displayed on a larger screen. This is bound to happen if your banner is 800 by 600 pixel or anything lower than the recommended best YouTube banner size.

Therefore to ensure that the image is not too small or too large either, stick to the best YouTube banner size. That is when uploading a banner on your YouTube channel. This is to make certain that the whole purpose of uploading a YouTube banner which is to make an impact on YouTube with your brand is not defeated. And it will be if the banner is too small or too large. Also, if the important images and texts are cropped off and is not seen by the audience it was created for. Sticking to 2560 by 1440 pixel is therefore the best decision for you.

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