The 5 Best Information Technology Degrees 2020

We live in an ever growing world and in a computer age. It should therefore not be surprising that as our society continues to emerge with and rely on new technologies, positions in the field of information technology are expanding. And so, employment in that sector is exploding.

The information technology field is growing quite large because it is one of the most lucrative fields out there. A bachelor’s degree in information technology qualifies you for a developer’s position and so much more.


Having a degree in information technology can take you to fast-paced, high paying, high-demand jobs. Although getting a job in the information technology field is possible without a degree, it will nevertheless give you a difficult time. Having a degree in information technology boosts your resume and speaks highly about your potential because education takes you further than experience.

It is known that the field of information technology is very technical. So, a degree in information technology shows prospective employers that you have received adequate training in the field and can adequately perform in the position. As a matter of fact, a bachelor’s degree in information technology is required to even work in entry-level positions in the field.


Having a degree in information technology open up various career paths for you. An information technology degree prepares you for a career in the field because it trains you with the skills and knowledge required for the field. Having a degree helps you specialize to a great extent in certain fields of information technology which you are most interested in. Some of these fields require careful attention to detail, a deep understanding of information and patience. This is what having an information technology degree can do for you.

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When choosing what information technology degree to pursue, you need to consider many factors. To make your choice, you need to consider the concentrations, the classes, the location, proximity, school size, campus culture, tuition and even online options. These factors depend on your personal preference which is what you feel would be more comfortable for you.

Luckily, there are many schools out there which offer degrees in information technology. So options are vast for you to make your choice.

When choosing a degree in information technology, keep an eye out for schools that offer concentrations, classes and also specializes in your field of interest. For example, if you would prefer a concentration in cybersecurity, then search for schools that specialize in that field.

If you would prefer hands-on experience, then you will have to choose on-campus courses. This can make your degree in information technology stand out. However, if you need a convenient study method that allows you complete coursework whenever is comfortable for you, then you should choose online courses. Many people choose online courses for their flexibility.

Also, when choosing a degree in IT, you need to consider whether the course gives you opportunities to face new problems while studying, does it offer research opportunities. Also, you need to research the type of practicums, internship and if the school offers other field experience.

Some people feel tuition is the most important factor that affects their decision in making their college choices. So, make sure to find out what the school you’re interested in pays for tuition and other expenses. It is important to note that state universities cost lesser than on-campus progress.

You have to factor in accommodation if you will have to live close to the school, how the fees will affect your finances. You need to also research the cost of living in the area and if you would like to work, what kind of jobs are available for you.


There are many IT degrees out there and each degree offers various subjects, courses, and concentrations. To begin your journey with an information technology degree, you need to apply to the school. Each school varies in its application methods and application fees, it is something you would have to research. We would be presenting you with five of the best information technology degrees out there.


A degree in data management and analytics helps students know how to protect, store, manage and retrieve data. It helps you learn how to effectively adapt data management and network resources so as to be able to meet the needs of prospective clients. A degree in data management and analytics assures you of a career in database management.


A degree in cybersecurity focuses on the dangers and threats faced by networks and also, how to effectively deal with them. This degree teaches you how hacking works and how as a cybersecurity professional, you can effectively prevent hackers from harming or endangering a network. This is part of what makes it one of the best information technology degrees out there. You also learn how to maintain and manage network security. A degree in cybersecurity assures you of a career as an information security analyst.


Software development course teaches you to create and design software. It teaches you how to customize existing software to new users, how to create a completely new program and make sure such programs work for each prospective client. The Software development course also teaches various programming languages so as to assist students in the job market. A degree in software development assures you of a career as a programmer.


Cloud and system administration is one of the best information technology degrees out there. It focuses on the administration of systems based in the clouds and also physical networks. Those who study this degree are taught the challenges surrounding storage retrieval, traditional network, and cloud-based computing. A degree in cloud and system administration assures you of a career as a network administrator.


The healthcare industry has special and specific needs for its software and network. A degree in health information management helps you learn the terms and definitions unique to the healthcare field. As a student of health information management, you are taught how to join health information with common IT principles. A degree in health information management assures you of a career as a developer and also a health information specialist.

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Each information technology degree offers focus and fundamental knowledge in different areas and finding the best information technology degree which is right for you can be quite an arduous task. This article guides you in making the best decision when seeking a career in IT and you’re confused about the best information technology degree to embark on.

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