Telegram 4.7 Introduces new features for Android and IOS platforms

The updated Telegram 4.7 allows for multiple accounts switching, quick replies, and customised theme support.

Telegram is one of the most used instant messaging services which allow you to send messages and exchange files, videos, photos with other Telegram users. It was launched in 2013. The Telegram app is available for Android, IOS, Windows, Windows NT, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Messages sent through the Telegram messaging service are by default server-client encrypted. And you also have an option for end-to-end encryption on secret chats. Voice calls on Telegram are also end-to-end encrypted.

Over the years, various versions of the Telegram app have been released for the various supported operating system platforms. With various versions, comes additional features. Just some weeks ago, a Telegram version 4.6 debuted. It added features like better link preview, improved security, auto-downloading media, and much more.

In the view to add more features to this messaging app, a Telegram 4.7 was released for Android and iOS. The Telegram 4.7 was released on 30 December 2017 for iOS and on 31 December 2017, for Android.

What is new with Telegram 4.7?

The Telegram version 4.7 comes with some features that will interest you. The Telegram 4.7 now allows you to add multiple accounts on a single device, easily make multiple accounts switching, and access customised themes, quick replies and so on. However, the Telegram 4.7 does not have all similar features for Android and iOS.

So, we will take you through the features of Telegram 4.7 for each operating system platform. Stick around!

What is new with Telegram version 4.7 on Android?

The new Telegram 4.7 was released for Android on 31 December 2017. The mouth-watering feature of the Telegram 4.7 for Android is the allowance of multiple accounts on one device. This means that on one device, and on the new Telegram App, you will be able to add up to three accounts with each account having their own phone number. So, you wouldn’t need to have three smartphones to have three accounts with Telegram.

The new Telegram app now helps with that. By default, you will receive notification from all of the accounts. And you will also have the liberty to on or off notifications from the notification settings. You will also be able to easily switch between multiple accounts from the slide menu. Also, on simple swipe, you will be able to make quick replies to messages by swiping left.

What is new with Telegram version 4.7 for IOS

While the Telegram 4.7 for Android supports multiple accounts, the one for iOS does not. But, it still comes with other features similar to the Telegram 4.7 of Android and even customised themes feature.

The similar feature Telegram 4.7 of Android has with that of the iOS is the quick reply feature which allows you to quickly reply to messages by swiping left on any message you want to reply to.

The Telegram 4.7 for IOS also includes a customised themes feature which has four themes you can choose from. These themes include a minimalistic “day” and two dark themes – “night” and “night blue”. On the “day” theme, you can change its view by choosing a preferred accent color for the app.

Downloading the Telegram 4.7

You can download the new Telegram 4.7 app from your device’s native app store. If you want the app for your Android device, go to the Google play store and get a copy, for free. But if you want the app for your IOS device, go to the app store to also get a copy, for free.



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