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If I asked you which website was your go-to for tech related news and tips, I expect TechCrunch to be an answer from you. Techcrunch was set up on the 15th of July, 2005. The founder, Michael Arrington’s goal with the blog from back when he first launched TechCrunch was to create a site dedicated to reviewing and profiling tech products and companies.

By the time TechCrunch was a year, they already had about three partner sites, seven guest post writers and he chose to have someone, Marshall Kirkpatrick to help him in co-writing. Also, by that time, the site already had email subscribers, 883 posts, 23,713 comments and 6500 RSS; amazing work, right?



If you are searching for the latest scoop on technology news, new gadgets and technology start-up companies, then TechCrunch is the ultimate news source for you. It has more than 50,000 active contributors on the site to get people’s opinions on news covered. And also have in-depth discussion on various topics on the site. TechCrunch highlights the latest technology innovations, product launches and it also provides detailed reviews on news sites and also products.

Information regarding popular apps can also be found on the site. You can also check on this tech news based on the brand name like Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. The product launches, services, and events by the top guns of the tech industry such as Microsoft, Apple, and Dell etc are extensively covered by TechCrunch.

You can also sort through reviews and news provided on the site. You can do this by choosing between the various category channels such as start-ups, mobile enterprise and more. Basically, TechCrunch is the perfect site for tech enthusiasts. Because it provides articles related to tech products, reviews, internet portals, and technology news.


TechCrunch is ranked among the top ten tech news site by Google ranking. The percentage of visitors from the United States is higher than any other country by 49.3%. This is because TechCrunch is one of the best and most popular tech news blog. It is known for providing quality information relating to technology and start-up companies.

It has about 10m followers on Twitter and TechCrunch’s number of inbound link is over 5 million also. Its traffic ranking is 1,027 globally but 339 in the United States. Top sites like Amazon, Yahoo, Sohu and so much more are linking in to this site.

Also, Tech crunch loads slowly and needs about 2.229 seconds to load. According to Alexa, 61% of sites are faster.


TechCrunch’s user interface is not cluttered much with information and categories. It has interface features such as the CrunchBase widget at the end of every post. When clicked on, provides information relevant to the articles about companies involved. It also has CrunchBase adding company profiles right next to company names.

Also, at the end of each article, you can leave a comment by logging in through facebook connect or just commenting anonymously. All in all, the user interface of TechCrunch is easy to understand.


TechCrunch is truly a leading technology news site and is visited and very much trusted my many tech diehard fans out there. For latest news on tech events, launches and an idea about start-up tech companies and new tech products making waves in the tech industry, Tech Crunch is the place to be.

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