TeamViewer App Communicate Between Computer Devices

TeamViewer Software

TeamViewer is one software that is getting popular yet many people seem not to have used it. Today, I am sharing with you a detail explanation and analysis of this software, TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is a software that connects between two or more computing devices, from Mac to android OS devices, in order to help you control the computers, send files between them and it helps to control the computers remotely.

Imagine you have a conference to attend outside the town for which you have prepared a presentation. However, on getting to the airport of which the flight takes off in few minutes time, then you remember the presentation you prepared on your home PC was not copied to your mobile device, what do you do?

Do you cancel the flight or cancel the conference altogether, with TeamViewer installed on your PC, I will tell you – RELAX, you have no worries.

The TeamViewer app works for two purposes, such as a user can either install it for personal use or for business use in which case you will need to go through the license subscription details.

How to use TeamViewer

Get the software

The first thing you need to do is to get and install the TeamViewer software on the devices you need to connect to each and take control of remotely

Get them configured

Next thing you need to do is to configure the software. This you do by clicking on ‘Run’ on the screen when you launch the software, then you will be prompted to accept the license agreement, click accept and move on.

Thus, you will be asked to choose either personal/noncommercial use or commercial use or both of the above, click on personal use and click on next to continue.

Create an account

On the next page you will be asked to give your computer a password, then, click next to continue. Again, you will need to enter your email address and make a password for the TeamViewer and click ‘next’.

Activate your account

The next thing is for you to go to your mail and click on the link sent to your to activate your TeamViewer account registration.

Set up TeamViewer on your second device

The next step is to get TeamViewer installed on the other device you want to connect to the first one.

There is nothing much to do here as you will virtually follow the same steps as above, however, when you reach where you are to create an account, select ‘I already have a TeamViewer Account’ and then enter the email address you registered, with the password too.

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Take control and access your PC remotely

On your main PC, make sure to note down the number close to your ID. Then when you want to control your PC remotely from your mobile device like the laptop, enter the number on the partner ID space and your TeamViewer password.

You will be able to connect to your PC as you will see your desktop’s window appear on the mobile device.

You can now do anything remotely as if you are sitting with your Desktop and navigating through its programs.

With this, you can transfer files you have forgotten on your PC at home to your laptop and you are good to go.


This software is a multi-device connector; you can connect PC to PC, or PC to a mobile device, from a mobile device to PC, or mobile-to-mobile device. It supports Windows, Mac OS, and Android etc. importantly, this software is safe to use, as the security is one that is quite high, unless you are using a pirated copy of it there should not be any risk for use.