Facebook Vs Whatsapp – Which is Better?

Facebook and Whatsapp has become a very important “communication portal” for social networking nowadays, which has speedily transformed the way people communicate. so, let’s get started with Facebook vs Whatsapp. Meanwhile, these two platforms are majorly used for connecting with people via the internet. They are fast and reliable as long as there is a … Read more

WhatsApp Web – How to Use WhatsApp on PC

whatsapp web

Whatsapp Web WhatsApp is being widely used by everyone in the world due to its features of unlimited messaging and chatting. Generally, when you message through the network which you have on your phone, they charge you with some amount for each message. But in WhatsApp, it needs only the data or the internet connection … Read more

Linkage of WhatsApp to Facebook | Link Whatsapp to Facebook

link whatsapp to facebook

WhatsApp is an application which can be run on your mobile phones and used by many people in the world. Because of its features and user-friendly, it is gaining popularity day by day. It has a lot of emojis which can be applied in the chats. Voice calls and video calls can be done without … Read more

Benefits of Facebook and WhatsApp Alliance


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites with over a billion users worldwide. But Facebook is still not very popular in Brazil, Eastern Europe, Russia and some parts of the Middle East with a complete ban in China. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is one of the most popular messaging apps has … Read more

Web Android Messages – You can now Access your Text Messages from Web Browsers

android messages

A new update from Google has it that you can now access text messages from the web. Google deployed the web-based interface for Android Messages app that allows users access messages from any web browser. The web interface for text messages uses the same technique that WhatsApp use. According to Google, the project has been around … Read more

Whatsapp will Stop Working on some Smartphones in 2018

whatsapp to stop working

Whatsapp has announced that Whatsapp will stop working on some phones starting from December 31, 2017. Whatsapp can be considered as the most used messaging app by mobile device users. The Whatsapp cuts across various devices and operating systems. Unfortunately, it is looking like it won’t be available for some Smartphone users. And this is because it has been made known … Read more