New iPhones to be Unveiled by Apple | How to Save on an Upgrade

new iphones

Apple to release its biggest and Most expensive phone today, 12th September 2018 The most popular phone company “Apple” is expected to unveil it’s biggest and most priced iPhone on September 12, 2018. It is part of a lineup of 3 new models which has been aimed at expanding the products appeal amidst slow sales … Read more

13 Best Smartphones We are Expecting with Gorilla Glass 6

corning gorilla glass 6

“Corning” as of late, revealed the Corning Gorilla Glass 6, the most recent and most prominent bit of technology from Corning that secures the real technology. As indicated by Corning, the Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is 2x more powerful than the Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Regarding scratch resistance, the Gorilla Glass 6 is keeping pace … Read more

IPhone Font – How to Change Font Style on iPhone

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iPhone font is the interface of an iPhone for text writing. The apple has changed the iPhone interface font several times. As first noted by the always excellent daring fireball, the iPhone 4 and later models use a subtly revised font called Helvetica Neue. RELATED: iPhone Cloud Account information and Backup Changing the Font Style … Read more