Game Pigeon Tanks – How to Play Tanks on Game Pigeon

game pigeon tanks

How to Play Tanks on Game Pigeon The pigeon game is gaining speedy quality amongst the iOS community by permitting users to fancy fourteen top-notch games in their iMessage app. Today we focus on the Tank games on game pigeon. The number of most popular games that it consists of are 8-Ball, Poker, Sea Battle, … Read more

Game Pigeon – Play Game Pigeon Via iMessage


Looking for a very intriguing game to play with friends? Game pigeon is right for you. Just as the name entails, game pigeon is a game app and it has other varieties of in-app mini-games you can choose to play. They are multiplayer games you can play with your friends online through iMessage, for those … Read more

GamePigeon – How to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone and iPad

delete game pigeon on iphone

Delete Game Pigeon from iPhone and iPadAre you tired of playing the game pigeon on your iPhone? This post will guide you on how to Uninstall and completely delete the game pigeon from iPhone device. With the release of iOS 10 updates on the iPhone devices, users are able to play games on the iMessage … Read more