Apply Updates from adb | Android Debug Bridge


The Apply updates from adb features is one of the most useful features. The stock recovery mode helps to give shortcuts which Android mobile device users use to get rid of small gadgets and problems with various glitches. There is a way in which you can find stock recovery when there is a snag, where … Read more

Web Android Messages – You can now Access your Text Messages from Web Browsers

android messages

A new update from Google has it that you can now access text messages from the web. Google deployed the web-based interface for Android Messages app that allows users access messages from any web browser. The web interface for text messages uses the same technique that WhatsApp use. According to Google, the project has been around … Read more

Nokia 6 2018 – Full Specs and Features

new nokia 6 2018

The Nokia 6 is almost a year old and since it’s launch (early 2017), people didn’t really make much fuss about the phone. This is probably due to its unavailability in the UK until August 2017, and other popular regions. To make the phone great again, the producer of the popular smartphone had announced that … Read more

Telegram 4.7 Introduces new features for Android and IOS platforms

The updated Telegram 4.7 allows for multiple accounts switching, quick replies, and customised theme support. Telegram is one of the most used instant messaging services which allow you to send messages and exchange files, videos, photos with other Telegram users. It was launched in 2013. The Telegram app is available for Android, IOS, Windows, Windows … Read more

How to track lost phones | Android, iOS and Windows Phones

lost phones

If you have lost your phone, there is still a way of finding it. But if you have your phone save with you, it is better to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances – by configuring your phone, so it could be found much easier when lost. Regardless of the phone you have lost, you can … Read more