Speaq Review – Your All In One Video Marketing Platform.

It’s now a glaring fact that video is taking over as the #1 way to sell anything.

Quite a substantial number of marketers and business owners are moving their marketing from the traditional forms like content writing to video as such more video platforms are entering the market but most of them focus on one part of video marketing which is the making of video with pre-made video templates.

Thus, a new software product created by a team of two persons (Brad Stephens and Oliver Goodwin ) is now on ground to help you make your unique videos.

These persons do not want to create just another video builder rather, they create new software that does not just build your videos but also serve as video marketing platform with full commercial rights for you.



Speaq is a software that helps create your videos for your business and helps with your video marketing. It’s 100% user-experience friendly and requires no technical skills for easy navigations.

Speaq helps to create your video in a unique way as you want it, by only having a conversation with the AI bot without having to follow on any templates, you design videos with very simple steps mostly based on your demands and you can earn from clients when you share your link with them.

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  • Create beautiful videos just by answering speaq’s questions and follow simple steps to have a unique video ready for you as demanded.
  • Speaq have over 60 stunning video designs.
  • You can fully customize your video the way you want it
  • Speaq is 100% mobile-friendly. You can create your video from any mobile device
  • Speaq let you choose any video formats such as vertical, square, landscape and more
  • Speaq lets you have full agency rights, you can earn recurring income from clients with automated marketing system when you share your links with client
  • You can secure bot link to share with clients and paste anywhere)
  • Collect instant payment from clients the second they confirm their order.


Step 1: choose the niche for your video

Step 2: choose the size for your video

Step3: name your work so you can search for it on the library later

Step 4: Choose the option which suits your video best as speaq provides you with 3 options

Step 5: choose the video style. Either you choose “do your magic” or “I want to select by myself” you can always go back in case of any mistake by clicking on the blue arrow on the left of the options

Step 6: Choose your video’s database

Step 7: you can choose how your images will be placed in the video

Step 8: you can also add the default music if you want

Step 9: you are done. But, if you have any changes you can click the edit button to get it fixed.

SPEAQ: the world’s first self-service model for clients and video marketing


Step 1: copy your unique sharable speaq link

Step 2: share it anywhere and with anyone

Step 3: anyone clicks your link has their own guided chat with speaq

Step 4: speaq creates a video based on their answers and delivers it to them

Step 5: speaq collects payments directly from inside the same conversation

That’s it. Speaq is a dream come true. It gives you full control to create you dream videos.


For more details, you can go through the video below.

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