By sound equalizer, we also mean here music equalizer. So what is this sound equalizer? Before then what is equalization? It is a process of changing the balance or adjusting the balance of different frequencies components in an audio signal. You may be thinking now about the DJs’ musical instruments and such, actually, you have the equalizer on your audio players, your home theatre system, your car and most importantly, on your phone. So, Yes, but no. What I have here for you is the one on your handheld devices in which you can swim and enjoy in the ocean of different frequencies of your favourite music.

Music/sound equalizer

The music equalizer is what you have on any of your music player’s settings and some specially created apps for that purpose. Actually, an equalizer is a unit that balance for different tone side effects of your music and places them in synchronization, it adjusts the frequency of the audio signals and changes the quality of sounds that passes through.

To gain the different frequencies you want from the audio signals, you do that with some filters.

The high and low pass filters

These ones are commonly used. Depends on your adjustment, it either lowers the level of the sound below your selected cutoff frequency or it lowers the sound level above your selected cutoff frequency.

The peaking filters

This filter gives fine adjustments when you have to reach a particular frequency; it is used for special applications.

The shelving filters

The shelving filter applies the same adjustments to all the frequency sound above your selected frequency.

So, without wasting much time on narrating the features of an equalizer which I believe you have gotten a foundation of what it’s all about now, let look at some equalizer apps you can get and row with.

As an audiophile, I am sure you don’t just listen to your music but seek a measure that can bring that music to you in a manner of high fidelity. No worries as there are available now at your fingertips so many tools you can get on your device that bring that desired quality sound to please your ear.

Important note

Nonetheless, you should note that whichever of the numerous equalizer apps you download from the Google play store you are bound to have the same result. However, what matters is or the difference lies in every app’s interface and how easy it is for you to navigate through their interfaces and get a job well done. And which among those apps may irritate you with such things as ads and so on.

Also note, most importantly. your phone might have a built-in audio enhancements or music player system app may have its own equalizer, you should use that then,

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Some Nice equalizer Apps to Try out

Bass booster and equalizer

The name should not deceive you thinking that it only allows you to increase bass output. It also allows adjusting the stereo sounds in music

In addition, the bass booster and equalizer is an android equalizer that is highly customizable, and it has such presets as classic, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal.


This is one of the most popular equalizers apps. It is so clean and easy to navigate the user interface. It offers about eleven presets and has about the five-band level controller.

The 10-band equalizer

This allows you to boost the volume, treble and bass output. You can save custom presets and consequently, you can use this equalizer to enhance audios for some open applications.

Music volume equalizer (EQ)

This equalizer offers you the 5 standard band equalizer also. Hop into the settings and you find amazing things. The app is free though with an ad banner that you can kill without having to pay a dime to kill it.

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