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Do you want to watch Sky movies offline without an internet connection? Then this article will teach you how to download the movies and stream movies to your mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. It is very easy to watch and stream your movies offline.

However, there are occasions whereby you may find yourself away from a Wi-Fi connection or away from the reaches of mobile broadband, which simply means streaming won’t be an option. But all hope should not be lost in situations like this, due to the fact that many streaming services and different online distributors allow the movies to be downloaded into your mobile device, tablets or PC. This gives users a way to watch all their favorite movies without a drop or poor internet connection which may interrupt their viewing pleasure.

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Sky Cinema is a streaming service which provides and offers movie and TV downloads for users to view offline on mobile devices, PC or tablet. Going through the Sky Go app or the Sky-owned Now TV service, there are many ways for Sky TV users to download their favorite movies. If you don’t know how to do so, then go through this article carefully as it will guide you on how to download Sky movies into your mobile device, tablet, and PC.

How to download Sky movies on your mobile device, tablet or PC using Sky Go.

Before we shall begin the lesson, there are lists of things you’ll need to take note of to avoid a few issues when downloading movies from Sky.

First, you will have to download the Sky Go app and be a Sky TV customer in order to download movies from Sky Cinema. All Sky customers have a “Sky ID and which is accompanied by a password, you’ll need both for logging in to Sky Go. Also, you need to have Sky Go Extra. It is an extra feature for the Sky Go app, where you need to pay an extra £5 each month to be able to download movies and stream them as well.

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Therefore, if you’re an Apple user and it is your first time downloading through the Sky Go app, you don’t have to worry about if your device is compatible or not. This app works on a majority of Apple devices, from the iPhone 2 and iPad 2 onwards – just ensure that you’re running iOS 8.1. You can check if you have this by opening your device settings, choose General and afterward About, then the version of iOS your iPhone or iPad will start running.

With Android devices, you have to ensure that your device is running Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. You can check what version of Android your mobile device is running by opening your device settings and selecting “About device”. It will show you the version number you have of the mobile operating system below the “Android version” header.

How to Download Sky movies on Apple and Android devices.

Step 1: log in to the Sky Go app and choose the movie you wish to download.

Step 2: search for the download button and select the option to “Download to phone/tablet” (depends on the device you are downloading with).

Step 3: Wait for the movie to finish the downloading process. Immediately it is complete, it will show in your Downloaded section of the Downloads menu and tap it to watch and enjoy.

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Downloading Sky movies on Apple and Android devices using the Now TV app.

Step 1: open the Now TV app and look for the movie you want to download.

Step 2: immediately you have seen it, click on the info screen of the movie you have to choose and select the download icon you will see there. Also, you can see the download icon close to the movie you have chosen.

Step 3: To check the status of the download, go back to the main menu and tap on the “My TV” section. Afterward, tap on Downloads and you will see the movie which you have downloaded.

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