STEP 1: keep it in mind that you need to have a Facebook personal account, if you don’t have any you can create one using this link Sign Up for Facebook | Facebook

Now you can select the type of Facebook page you want to create and then click Get Started button.

Facebook has different type of pages. example are: Business/Brand or Community/Public figure, so choose the one that best describes what your page is about.

Enter your business information, to choose a business name for your page, use the name people can easily recognize your business with.

STEP 3: Choose a category for your new Facebook page

To choose a category, type a word that best describes your business or brand and Facebook will automatically suggest options for you.

Types of businesses or brands to choose from
Example of category

STEP 4: Add pictures

You will upload profile and cover photo for your newly created Facebook page.

In doing so, you will want to create good first time impression so choose a nice picture that can draw people’s attention to your page.

If people already know your brand it’s better to use your brand Logo.

once you are done selecting a photo, click Upload Picture.

STEP 5: Create your username

Your username is how you tell people where to find you on Facebook.

The username can be up to 50 characters long, in choosing a username you will want it to be easy to type and easy to remember.

Your business name or brand name will be better.

Click Create page @username in the left menu to set up your username (URL).

STEP 6: Add your business details

Such as: Contact, Location, Hours open.


For contact, you are looking at an easy way your audience can reach you, so contacts could be your business number or and email.

You can also add your business website to your Facebook page.


If you have an office for your business you can put the location of the office on your Facebook page.

if it’s an online business you can use any location that best describes where your business is located.


for hours open, you can tell your Audience what time you are available and what days you are open.

STEP 7: Publish your Facebook page and invite friends to like your page

Before inviting people to like your page, you will want to give them contents that will keep them glued to your page at first glance.

Don’t forget to create some valuable contents. you can create some of your own posts.

Now you are all set, you will see a green button saying Publish page.

Hope you find this article helpful 😎

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