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A hard drive or hard disk drive is an electromagnetic data storage device. And it is of two types: the internal and external HDD. There are also the HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid-state drive). The hard disk drive is slower in reading and writing data than SDD. As such most modern computers use the solid-state drive more often now as their primary storage device and the HDD as secondary storage for documents, downloads, videos and audio files.


An internal hard disk drive is one installed inside a computer and attached directly to the disk controller of a computer’s motherboard. However, this article is concern with all types of hard drive data storage and how to recover data that is lost from them.

Such data stored in a computer’s hard drive are the operating system, software applications installed in the computer and the user’s personal files.


External hard drives are also referred to as portable hard drives, they are stand-alone devices connected to the computer for the purpose of backing up data on the computer and to expand the available space in the computer. The external hard drive is connected to the computer usually via a USB cord or FireWire. External hard drives are of different shapes and sizes, and their differences also relate to which type of computer. there are hard disk drives for a desktop computer, laptop and mobile device etc. an example of an external hard drive is Adaptec laptop HDD

Recover your data on a hard drive

Having stored your data either inside the computer which goes into the internal hard disk drive or advertently in an external hard drive, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secured. However, sometimes the unexpected happens, either missing files, a crash of your HDD device or damage of any cause or failure of the hard drive. then, you would be troubled about your stored data and what to do so as not to lose them. Even viruses, malware or cyber-attacks can lead to losing your data. So, how to recover your files in them is the concern of this article.

Important tips

Some tips so as to have an increased success of hard drive data recovery. One is that, do not attempt DIY (do it yourself) recovery by opening the hard drive as that can cause unrecoverable damage to your files. Rather call a professional data recovery company for that service.

 Nonetheless, if you notice any of the signs below about your hard drive, simply do the following tips to increase the chances of your device’s recovery.

When there is water damage; remove the battery immediately and other memory chips on the device and let it dry out

When files are missing or deleted; do not use the drive to avoid overwriting data and so, turn it off

When there is fire damage; do not use the hard drive device or attempt a DIY by opening it

When the device makes some clicking whirring or grinding noise, simply turn off the device.,

Some of the best companies for  hard drive data recovery service

  • Secure Data Recovery Services: This company is an industry leader in hard disk drive recovery with sophisticated tools and engineers with experience. It has the confidence to recover data from any type of hard drive and deliver your data to you. They perform their services of data recovery on all types of a hard drive by its desktop data recovery, laptop data recovery, external hard drive or SSD data recovery.

The company works with all hard drive operating systems such as Mac OS, Microsoft Windows operating systems, Linux and UNIX operating systems. Also, they also work with all hard drive brands manufacturers such as Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung etc.

Other hard drive data recovery services are

  • Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue Center
  • SalvageData
  • DriveSavers
  • WerecoverData
  • Flashback Data Raid Recovery and many more.

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