Rihanna’s Net worth in 2020

Robyn Rihanna Fenty popularly known as Rihanna has stayed true to her hit single ‘work’ and worked her way to the top position of the richest musician in the world. You would agree that despite the competition, Rihanna is known to be a hard worker. Putting her all into whatever she focuses on and she’s probably inspired by the fact that life wasn’t always rosy for her.

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Rihanna’s Early Life and Career

Rihanna was born in Barbados on the 20th of February, 1988 and has five siblings. Her dad was a crack addict and an alcoholic. This had an effect on Rihanna as she began to have headaches due to the stress and trauma she experienced at home.

Rihanna started singing when she was just seven years old. She formed a band with two of her fellow classmates in 2003 but stood out nevertheless because she was discovered quite quickly by a record producer. Soon after, Rihanna signed to Syndicated Rhythm Production and quit high school to focus fully on her career.

Jay Z heard some of Rihanna’s demo tracks that were initially sent to his record label ‘Def Jam Records’ and was quite anxious for her to join his label which he achieved by their first meeting.

Signing with Def Jam Records was the starting point that propelled Rihanna to her explosive success of today which includes the many awards and platinum awarded albums.

What is Rihanna’s Net worth 2019?

According to Forbes latest ranking of World’s Richest Musician, Rihanna has beaten the likes of Beyonce, Celine Dion, and Madonna to become the World’s Richest Musician with a net worth of $600 million.

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How Does Rihanna Make Her Money?

Most of Rihana’s diamond raining money doesn’t come from music alone. As the years progressed, Rihanna began to explore in the area of acting and successfully played many roles in a number of movies. The fact that her money doesn’t come from music alone doesn’t mean she didn’t make quite a fortune from that arena.

Rihanna has earned hundreds of millions from her tours and also tour sponsorships. She has also sold millions of albums and tracks. She also earns millions from streaming.

Rihanna also designs collections for famous brands like Armani and River Island. She has also made deals with several companies like Dior and Cover Girl. She has been a creative director for Puma since 2014 and her clothing and shoe lines have been known to do quite well.

But a huge bulk of Rihanna’s net worth comes from the fact that she’s the first black woman to run a luxury fashion house. Her partnership with French Luxury Conglomerate LVMH which is run by billionaire Bernard Annault is what propelled her to the position of world’s richest musician. Fenty beauty was launched in September 2017 and was a stunning success because it was the first beauty line to offer foundations in 40 different shades.

Lastly, she also introduced her fashion house with LVMH ‘Fenty’ and Savage x Fenty which includes accessories, sunglasses, pieces of jewelry and lingerie.

I think we can all agree that Rihanna is no longer the small town girl with an abusive addict father who also had an abusive boyfriend. She has worked so hard and risen above her past. Her Empire continues to grow so if you don’t hear new music from her anytime soon, just know this world’s richest musician is too busy building her fortune.

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