Revo Uninstaller – How to Use Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is known as a free software installer program for every windows and it can be used remove all trace of a program so that you will be sure that nothing is left on your registry or lingering on your hard drive after which it has been uninstalled.

Revo Uninstaller works on 64- and 32-bit and with the version of Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8. And when you right-click a program, then it lets you remove its entry from the list, open its registry key, uninstall it, open its install location and lastly to search for it online.

It enables you to choose between four different uninstall modes. One which can run a deep scan after you have uninstalled to be able to residual information that is in the registry and on the disk; as it ensures that the program leaves no unwanted information on the disk after it has been already removed.

The features also included in Revo Uninstaller are junk cleaner, privacy cleaner, and a startup or autorun manager.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is traditionally one of the most popular uninstall the program. There are some important issues which keep it from ranking higher.

Advantages of Revo Uninstaller

  1. Enables small size download.
  2. There is no advertising.
  3. The menu option is easily accessible.
  4. A very portable version is available.
  5. You can instantly search for programs.
  6. The set up doesn’t try to install other unrelated programs but most do.
  7. A system restore point is build before every uninstall.
  8. The interface is very simple to use.
  9. It helps to search the PC for leftover files.

Disadvantages of Revo Uninstaller

  1. It is unable to remove partially installed programs.
  2. The hunter mode doesn’t work always.
  3. It does not support batch uninstall.

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About Revo Uninstaller’s hunter mode

Various uninstaller software like the famous IObit uninstaller and some others can remove their programs by right-clicking on the application’s desktop shortcut and this means you can uninstall the software without you having to open the uninstaller tools first then it will guide you on what to do. This saves more time and is very useful.

Revo Uninstaller doesn’t have these features but has what is called Hunter mode and it is kind of similar. If you click on the Hunter button located on the menu the rest of the program will minimize to just to reveal a floating, movable, small box on your desktop.

To operate on the Hunter mode, you will first open the program you wish to uninstall, and then drag the box onto the program’s open window. The following are options that pop up when you use Revo uninstaller’s Hunter mode: kill process, open containing folder, uninstall, properties, stop Auto Starting, kill and delete process and search at Google.

And probably you would have realized already that it will be very useful not only for quickly selecting the programs to uninstall, ┬ábut help in closing programs that won’t shut down completely.

But unfortunately for me, I’m unable to get the Hunter mode to work on the programs I used them on. As it worked only three times.

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