Usually, give any social media network enough time and it will eventually become a dating app.

As long as people have a platform to communicate with others, they can’t help but eventually start saying how they really feel about each other.

There are plenty of this application that are designed specifically for dating, but we mostly just slide into a DM on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter.

The Facebook Dating dating app tries to separate the differences.

It’s strictly a dating app, but the type that takes full advantage of the social features and it’s totally free.

However, Facebook Dating App doesn’t need your data, all it needs is your body.

Now to survive, The Dating apps requires a large thriving community of singles and people looking for love.

Facebook already has a huge number of users. That’s the advantage Facebook Dating wants to leverage on.

If you convert the fraction of the Facebook audience then Facebook Dating won’t ever need to worry about running out of its potential matches.

The Facebook Dating App is already Facebook itself, building your profile with your existing Facebook information and Instagram photos is all it needs.

Although The app might already know basic details such as the place you live, where you school and the place you work, You can always edit these answers.

No fuss about it having effect on your regular Facebook information.

Of which it’s nice to skip a some few steps if you want.

The little constraint is, unlike other dating apps, on Facebook dating app it’s basically impossible to be anonymous because Your name is taken from your Facebook profile and can’t be changed just for dating which I find to be inconvenient for some reasons I find might be unsafe for others.


  1. The profiles are easy to use
  2. It connects with Instagram and other Facebook features.
  3. Your informations are not shared on the public Facebook App.
  4. It’s Free.


  1. It has no desktop version.
  2. Also requires Facebook Account.
  3. No built-in video chat.


If you want to digitally mingle with friends and family on the most popular social network, then keep using Facebook.

It’s offers an outstanding service, then If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, then we recommend you take advantage of the Facebook dating app.

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