For a number of people, different things come to mind when the concept of renewable energy comes to the table for discussion. While an engineer is thinking of how to transform an energy source into various other sources, a farmer /agribusiness enthusiast is probably thinking of converting his poultry waste into electricity.

Generally, renewable energy is basically the generation and conversion of energy from a natural source that can be easily replaced within the human timeframe. It is important to understand that the renewable process must include two basic components and expounded in the explanation above.

First is the SOURCE of the energy. That is, where it is generated from. A renewable energy system must be generated from a natural source and not in an induced methodology. It’s why wind, sunlight, and tides (water) are all classified as sources of renewable energy. Renewable energy technology for must also follow this principle.

Second is the concept of TIMEFRAME. For an energy source to be renewable, it must be able to be generated again and again over a short period of time. It’s why generators using fuel ( petrol, diesel, and gas) do not pass as exactly renewable. Their sources are natural but take decades of centuries even before they are formed. This is not within the human timeframe. Renewable energy must be time-predictable and available when needed.

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We can go on and on, spinning the different possible advantage of renewable energy but two simple advantage really sticks up renewable energy technology above its energy peers.

  1. Cheap Running Cost
    What it takes to keep running renewable energy technology is mostly always next to nothing except for cases where major repairs are needed it a huge chunk of the capital technology in place needs a replacement due to wear and tear. Since the major input needed in the renewable energy process is gotten from nature meaning that it’s totally free, it is safe to say that renewable energy is cheap to run and indeed it is. You don’t get to pay for the sun to shine our for the wind to blow it for the ocean tides to come strong on your turbines. With the appropriate technology in place, you can even predict when the natural energy input will be more available and when it will not. This allows you to strategize and plan ahead to avoid an energy blackout.
  2. It’s Clean
    When we say an energy source is clean, it means that the entire energy generation, transmission and usage process to not have a backlash. This mostly borders on issues concerning sustainability and environmental friendliness. For an energy source to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, it must not exceed the abortive and regenerative capacity of our ecosystem. This means that it must not be overused to on extent that it might go into extinction – fossil fuels can be used to complete, we can’t use up sunshine. Also that we must not produce waste that have no use again in the process – while fossil fuels have to be gas flared IN the end, energy generated from the wind is neatly converted with zero waste to dispose.


  1. Capital Cost
    The capital cost required to purchase and install the technology for renewable energy is too costly for single homes to decide on having a renewable source of energy. Though the concept of cost is relative, it is important to know that for the average household that is trying to feed and have a simple life, renewable energy capital cost might seem too outrageous for them.
  2. Siting and Transmission
    Except for people who have decided to live off-grid, siting a renewable energy technology site in areas that are already human-populated is going to be an herculean task. Most renewable energy sites is off-grid where human presence and activity is low or totally faded. Also, the process of transmitting the ready to use energy output to urban areas where they are needed is expensive. It is also worthy to note that a lot of energy might be lost in the process.

IN CONCLUSION, renewable energy technology is, without a doubt, the most efficient energy source for our homes but with its capital cost barrier, the average home might not be able to have access to it.

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