Renewable energy is energy generated from renewable sources, this energy is replenished constantly. This form of energy is an alternative to the traditional form of energy which poses more threat and harm to the environment.

Sources of renewable energy: In its various forms, it is derived directly from the sun, or from heat generated deep within the earth. Some form of this energy is electricity and heat generated from solar, wind, ocean, hydropower, biomass, geothermal resources, and biofuels and hydrogen.

The traditional form of energy also known as Fossil Fuel is the most common source of energy which is generated from Natural Gas, Oil and Coal and currently produce about 79% of the energy consumed around the world. These form of energy does more harm than the good it does to the environment and mankind, some of the harm it poses to mankind and the environment are; Water and Air Pollution, Wildlife and Habitat Loss, Public Health Damage, Global Warming Emissions, e.t.c.


However, clean energy as it sometimes called seems to be the better replacement for the traditional form of energy, just like the traditional form of energy the renewable form of energy also have its own MERIT and DEMERIT on the environment

The renewable energy has a lot of positive impact on the economy because it’s the only source of clean energy known to man at the moment and it’s projected that by 2050, about 49.5% of the world’s energy will be generated using this sources. Therefore the following are the positive impact of this source of energy on the environment:

Less Global Warming: The activities of human have filled the atmosphere with so much carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions which serves as a blanket and it traps more heat on earth as they’re unable to evaporate. This has led to more heat, frequent storms, drought and rise to sea level among others. With a renewable source of energy, all these emissions can be eliminated or reduced to the barest minimum.

Improved Public Health: the air and water pollution caused by the traditional source of energy is linked with several problems, ranging from Cancer, Neurological Damage, Hearth Attacks to other to another host of serious problems. Renewable energy reduces the level of pollution in the environment.
Reliability and Resilience: Renewable energy is reliable as they are less prone to failure and unavailability, unlike the traditional energy which can get exhausted.
Inexhaustible: winds, sun, heat from the underneath of earth, and fast-moving water can each supply a massive and constantly replenished supply of energy.
Economic Benefits: Renewable energy provides the following benefits, Job opportunity, Reduced rate of reliance on other countries for energy and Stabilized electricity prices.

Renewable source of energy also has its own negative impact on the environment, some of which are of high significance. These vary depending on the type of technology, geographical location, and a number of other factors. There is various source of this energy ranging from Wind, Sun, Planets, Water e.t.c. the various negative impact on the environment, from Noise pollution caused by commercialized wind turbines, Electromagnetic interference and loss of flying creatures which collides with the turbines, loss of habitat to both sea and creatures.

Renewable source of energy remains the best and the only clean source of energy to man and the environment, despite the negative impact on the environment. The study has shown it that this negative impacts can be reduced to the barest minimum with time and this will actually save the globe a lot against natural disasters and another form of disasters related to the traditional source of energy.

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