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“Keyword” may seem simple to everyone as a word but, it’s more than that to a content marketer. To him it’s more than just a word tag or key focus in a text that identify a particular information. To him, It is a word target that someone may enter into Google search to have some information.

In the world of internet today, Keyword is what gives content ideas to the content marketers with which they can sell their market in line with other competitors.

As such they engage in keyword research as a process to figure out content ideas or keyword phrases that can put them at the top of the market. Such keyword are target words that they want people to enter into Google search.

Thus, in order to have a desired result, they require some tools that will help them to identify popular and trending keywords on the internet. As such, there are quite a number of keyword research tools to help content marketers in their search. Such as: SEMrush; Ahrefs; Serpstat; Moz; Answer the public; “ubersuggest” etc.  Some of the tools are costly, they charge large sums of money to hand you useful information.

And that’s where ubersuggest comes in. Being one of the keyword research tool, it’s cost free while it provides you useful information for your content marketing and SEO ranking.

In this post, we will be discussing about ubersuggest, it unique features and how to use them.

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that gives you a whole lots of keyword ideas that helps with your SEO and content management.

Interestingly, you will be excited to know that ubersuggest does more than just providing you with keyword ideas. Since acquired by Neil Patel, it has been embedded with lots of other features that will help in your content management and more features yet to be released.

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The features are among others:

Domain overview, keyword suggestions, keyword traffic volume, keyword SEO ranking difficulty analysis etc. also, you get to have an analysis to know what your competitors are using in their content marketing.

Volume data

Ubersuggest shows to you the traffic generated with your chosen keyword, as in how many times people search for that particular keyword on the internet.

Keyword SEO Difficulty;

 Ubersuggest measures the difficulty of the selected keyword to rank on a Google search results and then provide you the information. And  the higher the number, as of the range 0-100, the harder it is to rank the keyword on the first page of a Google search results for that particular keyword, so, you can search for lower competition keywords that can put you at the top of the rankings.

Keyword suggestions;

Ubersuggest finds for you a wide range of suggested ideas for the keyword you search and long-tail keywords in related terms if you know how to use it well. We will be discussing how to use ubersuggest to find keyword suggestions.

Domain overview;

Ubersuggest provides you information such that you are actually peeking on your competitors as to how they used the keywords and how many websites you will be competing with in your chosen keyword.

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So, having seen the features, how do you use ubersuggest?

Go to ubersuggest.org and enter your main keyword (or seed keyword they call it) into the search area. Ubersuggest will provide you with long list of the keyword ideas and related keywords in a few seconds.

 You can type a particular word into the search and ubersuggest will gives you a hundreds of suggestions in no time, or you can be more creative and get a better result out of ubersuggest. Instead of just typing in a word you may use a long phrase and see ubersuggest goes to work.

For example: instead of typing in just the word ‘travel’ you can be more creative and type in ‘travel guide to’. This will allow ubersuggest give you a long-tail suggestions of ideas to write your content base on.

After it provides you with hundreds of suggestions you can either filter to only have a limited result cut down to what is relevant to you or you can remove negative words you don’t want to be part of your search results and then sift through the rest to identify your most desired result.

For example: you can filter to include searches with ‘united states’ or remove negative words, like not to include any result with ‘Nigeria’

Then, make a list of some of the suggestions you find good to create your content base on it.

And you can save your suggestions in CSV format and import to excel.


Try ubersuggest today and see the packaged deal in it that will relieve you of not getting the best ideas of keyword suggestions.

You can use different approaches to do your keyword research such as: you can ask question like ‘how do I go to…’ ‘Where to find’ and you can think of anything else to find good suggestions.

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