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Prime Delivery
Amazon delivery is one the fastest delivery service in the world today, especially in the UK. Amazon delivery is well known to most developed countries but well used in the UK and US.

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There are different options for delivery that is available. We going to mention and at the same time give a detailed explanation on each of them. These options are:

Amazon Free Delivery

This type of delivery is free such that the fee applied is minimum and very affordable to every customer. The delivery time does not take much time, it just takes up 3 to 5 business after the goods are dispatched. It should also be noted here that every parcel going to any residential addresses is likely to be delivered on Sunday. Here if you have orders that is as small as 10 Euros or even more of any eligible books qualify for delivery that is free.

You should also know that all orders of 20 Euros or more of eligible goods across any category of product which also qualify for free delivery. Finally any orders of goods that are eligible for over 25 Euros, this also involves local VAT can be delivered for free in the Republic of Ireland. This is to notify you that the details of the delivery above are for every order fulfilled by Amazon. You should also know the third party delivery cost may vary. The delivery cost like we earlier discussed will be shown to you when you place your order.

Prime Delivery | Priority Delivery

In this case, this costs 5.99 Euros per delivery. If you an Amazon Prime members, no extra cost is attached. The time of delivery usually takes up to 2 business days after the dispatch, this does not include Public Holidays but Saturday is included. You should also be aware that parcels going to residential areas is also likely to be delivered on Sunday. There is no additional cost per eligible goods in the delivery but the cost is applied per delivery for non-prime customers.

Prime Delivery | One-Day Delivery

This type of option is very fast it will cost 5.99 Euros per every delivery. As for members of Amazon Prime, there is no room for an additional fee ( prime delivery). If you want your item to be one day delivery to an Amazon locker, this will be charged at 1.99 Euros for every item that is eligible and this is for members that are non-prime. The delivery time is just one business day after been dispatched and this includes even public holidays. If you have parcels going to any residential areas can likely be delivered on Sunday. There is no additional fee per any eligible item delivery. Charges are applied per delivery for customers that are non-prime.

Prime Delivery | Express Delivery

This only cost 6.49 Euros and that is per delivery. You should also know that for amazon prime members, it is 4.49 Euro per unit. The time of delivery here is a bit different, this is such that any order placed even before the express deadline to arrive by 13:00 the next day. This is offered on virtually all the UK addresses.

Prime Delivery | Same-Day (Evening Delivery)

The cost here is 6.99 Euros on every delivery. For Amazon Prime members, no extra cost is attached. Concerning the delivery time, every order that is placed before the same day deadline and it is to arrive on the same day, this is between 18:00 and 22:00. In the UK, there is availability to selected postcodes.

Prime Delivery | Expedited Delivery

The cost here is 7.16 Euros and that is per delivery. For Amazon Prime members (prime delivery), there is no additional fee. The delivery times are not fixed for prime deliveries, it varies from one to three days. If you go through the checkout, delivery estimate is shown there. This particular option is available just for some goods for one day or this can also be delivered expressly due to far distances of item availability.

Above are some of the best options Amazon delivery offers and it varies, you can just choose the one that best suits you.

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