Popcornflix – How to Stream Movies for Free on Popcornflix.com

Most of us love movies and there is seemingly nothing better than being able to watch your favourite movies or TV shows from the comfort of your home which is why there are so many sites and streaming websites where you can watch your favourite shows at a very cheap rate. Streaming subscriptions are relatively cheap and seem like a small price to pay to be able to access so many of your TV shows but these prices start to add up once you start signing up for multiple services all at once just so you can access a mix of contents that one streaming service cannot provide.


What if I told you that there was a platform where you could skip signing up for different streaming services, skip the various subscriptions and just watch your favourite movies and TV shows for free? Sounds impossible, right? I mean, it’s almost unheard of but I assure you it’s for real. This is the type of service that Popcornflix offers.

With Popcornflix, anyone can watch free movies, TV shows and even webisodes! There’s no catch, no hidden fees, it’s completely free. So, if you are interested in knowing how to stream movies for free with Popcornflix; which you know you are, keep reading…


I promised to tell you how to stream movies for free with Popcornflix and I am going to deliver. The first step in using Popcornflix is to open an account with them, just visit their website www.popcornflix.com and create a free account on your phone or if you prefer, your computer. Once you create an account, you can start streaming any movie on Popcornflix for free.

You’re probably wondering how to go about it, well; using the Popcornflix movie website is really easy. To really enjoy Popcornflix movies though, you have to download the Popcornflix app. Just visit your app store, type in Popcornflix and bingo! It will pop right up, once you enter the app and sign in with your new account, you are ready to start streaming.

The menu is hidden away at the top of the screen to make more room for finding and watching movies which I assure you, you will find just awesome. Like I mentioned earlier, it offers you different contents without you having to subscribe for different streaming service.
You can access the different genres through the menu and they vary from comedy to action, thriller, family, foreign films, mystery, even documentary among so many other. Once you click on the genre you would prefer, the movies are listed and there is even an option to view the most popular or the new arrivals. The popular link allows you to view the most popular streamed movies irrespective of the genre they belong to.

Popcornflix also has a website for kid movies (Popcornflix kids) which only contains movies for kids and cartoon which you can use if you want to keep your kids occupied without having to worry about them stumbling on unsuitable contents. It also offers a website for horror movies (frightpix) where you can find many horror movies if you are into that kind of thing.


Apart from the best feature which is that you get to stream movies, TV shows and webisodes for free, the Video quality is also quite good; it is not definition of course but it is also not low quality or hard to watch in any way. Popcornflix also has a really cool feature in its video player which allows you to make GIFs from the video. Also, you get to add comments to specific parts of the video so other people also streaming that video can read what you have to say throughout the film.

Popcornflix also offers you a volume button to control the level of volume you would prefer, video scrubbing and a full-screen button which lets you eliminate all distractions and become more focused on the video which is the whole purpose of Popcornflix.

Also, the video buffering is actually quite great compared to some streaming website which is quite slow or the videos stop midway after starting to finish the buffering process. Popcornflix doesn’t have such issues, so if you do, it’s probably that you have a slow computer or slow internet connection and not a fault of the website.

Another feature is that just as how Popcornflix has an app for regular free movies that can be found on any app store, it also has a Popcornflix Kids app that just shows kid movies which as I pointed out earlier, allows your children have a good experience without you having to worry about your children stumbling on mature contents unsuitable for them.

Another cool feature of Popcornflix is that it offers access to exciting television programs such as Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild and series like ‘Life Below Zero’ and so much more.


Since there is no subscription fee, Popcornflix uses ads to make money off of the movies and TV shows. While watching a few movies on Popcornflix, you might notice a trend with the advertisements. Very often, an advertisement of not more than 15 – 20 seconds will pop up at the very beginning of the movie and then as the movie progresses, more commercials are bound to be shown. The longer the length of the movie, the more commercials you will have to deal with. But then again, to be able to watch  lots of movies for free and only have to watch a few minutes of commercials isn’t such a bad deal.

Another con of Popcornflix is that it is limited to some countries; it isn’t accessible to the whole world. Although lately, Popcornflix announced its launch in 36 new countries making it over sixty countries that can enjoy free movies and TV shows. This is why Popcornflix is one of the most widely available ad-supported streaming services. Although with the use of certain VPNs, you can access Popcornflix from anywhere in the world.


Popcornflix is an excellent streaming website whose pros far outweigh the cons. With the many features it offers, you are bound to have a smooth sailing adventure as you dive deep into the world of movies on Popcornflix. Whether from your computer, laptop, Android, iPhone, Xbox etc, Popcornflix is available to you and at no price at all!

Do you already use Popcornflix? Do you have opinions you would like to share or any question you would like us to answer for you? If this article was helpful in educating you on how to stream movies with Popcornflix, we would be glad to hear from you, just let us know in the comment section below.

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