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Pogo is a website with varieties of games you can play online. The games on pogo are interesting, some are addicting. You can use it to whirl away time if are bored. There are different categories of games under pogo which include puzzle games, hidden object games, board games, poker games casino games, bingo games, card games, club pogo games and so on. You can as well play free online games by logging into pogo.com  which is a great place to play free online games and others.

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Why you Need a Pogo Account

There are certain restrictions when you are not using the pogo games account. Some of the advantages of using pogo games include the following.

  • Using pogo games you can play 100 percent free online games.
  • Also, there is a bonus game content involve in using pogo games.
  •  With Pogo games you can play a 40 plus exclusive games found only in pogo games.
  • There is no ad interruption in pogo games.
  • When you use pogo, you get access to club pogo games.
  • You can also meet and make friends on Pogo.
  • You can get help through pogo games
  • And also you get jobs through pogo games.

How to Sign In to Pogo Account | Pogo Log in

Signing in to pogo account (Pogo Log In) is easy, but, people have problems logging in. This is probably because there are similar websites like pogo online. Note that the real website is pogo.com. The steps below will guide you on how to login to your pogo account.

  • The first thing is to make sure you already have a pogo account.
  • Next, click on the pogo games website
  • The next step is to sign in to get access to pogo
  • Then you enter your screen name
  • Enter your password
  • Then you log in.

How to Recover Forgotten Pogo Account Password | Pogo Log In

You don’t have to create another account if you can’t remember your pogo password. Pogo has made it easy to recover forgotten or lost password. So in a case where you forget your pogo games password account. Below are some of the steps to take to recover your pogo games account password.

  • First, you open your browser and go to pogo.com and click on sign in
  • The next thing you do here is to first retry your old password and if it doesn’t work, you click on forget the password. It should also be noted here that you do not retry your old password up to 3 times or else you will automatically be blocked for 24 hours for security purposes.
  • The next step is to type your username and just click on submit
  • Then you will get a message from pogo to your email account related to your pogo account
  • The next step is to login into your registered email which comprises of the reset link pogo password. Then you can now click on the reset link and create you’re a fresh password of your own choice of your pogo games account
  • It should also be noted that it is very important to write down your new password in order for you not to forget again so as so to avoid unnecessary multiple accounts
  • After doing that, you can now restart your browser for you to log in to your pogo games account using your username and your new password then continue with your usual activities.